Selected Articles

When Crime Meets Pandemic: Organized Crimes and Triad Societies’ Activities during COVID-19 Pandemic in Hong Kong

Bryan Tzu Wei Luk

The Perfect Storm? Political Instability and Background Checks During COVID-19

Alexei Anisin

COVID-19: Examining the Impact of the Global Pandemic on Violent Crime Rates in the Central Valley of California

Derek Avila, Huan Gao, Blake Randol, Sriram Chintakrindi

Exploratory Analysis of Predictors Effecting Suicidal Thinking among Inmates Participating in a Prison Treatment Program

Sriram Chintakrindi, Suditi Gupta, Andrew Gilmore

Factors Influencing NGO Activities: Lithuanian Case Study

Andrius Stasiukynas, Aušra Šukvietienė, Tadas Sudnickas

Legal Aid for Effective Victim Legal Representation in Kenya’s Post-Election Violence: Lessons from the International Criminal Court

Charles A. Khamala

Legal Status of the Mayor of the Territorial (Local) Authority (Municipality) of Lithuania from 1990 to the Present Day

Algirdas Astrauskas, Kristina Čelkė, Kęstutis Vilkauskas

Inmates in the Role of the "Wounded Healer": The Virtuous of Peer-to-Peer Programs in Prison