Vol 6 (2017)

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Hybrid Courts and Multilevel Rules of Law: Some Overall Considerations, Challenges and Opportunities PDF
Henrik Andersen 117-126
Double Expectations: Law Enforcement Workers and Dilemmas on Handling Drug Use at the Street Level PDF
Rafaela de Quadros Rigoni 103-116
Trauma-Informed Risk Assessment in Correctional Settings PDF
Julie K. Bates-Maves, Deirdre O’Sullivan 93-102
An Empirical Study on the Role of Parents in Academic Achievement of Children in Private Schools of Karachi PDF
Muhammad Yaseen Muhammad Yaseen, Shah Zaman, Naveeda Rasheed 84-92
Confrontation to Humiliation Complex Causing the Violence, Crime, Uncivilized, Non-Citizenship and Extremism by Positive Education and Cognitions PDF
Amani Kubitary, Muaweah Ahmad Alsaleh 75-83
Personal Differences among Brazilian Adolescents with Distinct Levels of Engagement in Delinquency PDF
André Vilela Komatsu, Marina Rezende Bazon 65-74
The Evolution of International Criminal Tribunals PDF
Harry M. Rhea 52-64
Recidivism and Inmate Mental Illness PDF
William D. Bales, Melissa Nadel, Chemika Reed, Thomas G. Blomberg 40-51
Reentry of Released Female Prisoners into the Community PDF
Efodi Rotem, Adamchuk Irit 29-39
Virtually Standing Up or Standing By? Correlates of Enacting Social Control Online PDF
Matthew Costello, James Hawdon, Amanda Cross 16-28
A Case Study: Lessons from the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption PDF
Ming Li Hsieh 5-15
The Importance of ‘Manualised Psychotherapy Practice’ in Community Mental Health Care: A Clinical View Point PDF
Jibowu Olubokun 1-4
Societal Derivations for the Illegal Gun Trafficking: In Addis Ababa: Ethiopia PDF
Desalegn Birara 127-132

ISSN: 1929-4409