International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research

The International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research seeks to publish new biostatistician models and methods, new statistical theory, as well as original applications of statistical methods, important practical problems arising from several areas of biostatistics and their applications in the field of public health, pharmacy, medicine, epidemiology, bio-informatics, computational biology, survival analysis, health informatics, biopharmaceutical etc.

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Vol 7, No 4 (2018)

Table of Contents

General Articles

A Simulation Based Evaluation of Sample Size Methods for Biomarker Studies PDF
Mei-Yin C. Polley, Kristen M. Cunanan 106-116
On Comparing Survival Curves with Right-Censored Data According to the Events Occur at the Beginning, in the Middle and at the End of Study Period PDF
Pinar Gunel Karadeniz, Ilker Ercan 117-128
A Correlation Technique to Reduce the Number of Predictors to Estimate the Survival Time of HIV/ AIDS Patients on ART
Anurag Sharma, Vajala Ravi, Gurprit Grover, Rabindra Nath Das, M.K. Varshney 129-136
Combining Survival and Toxicity Effect Sizes from Clinical Trials: NCCTG 89-20-52 (Alliance) PDF
Brittny T. Major-Elechi, Paul J. Novotny, Jasvinder A. Singh, James A. Bonner, Amylou C. Dueck, Daniel J. Sargent, Axel Grothey, Jeff A. Sloan 137-146

ISSN: 1929-6029