International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research

The International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research seeks to publish new biostatistician models and methods, new statistical theory, as well as original applications of statistical methods, important practical problems arising from several areas of biostatistics and their applications in the field of public health, pharmacy, medicine, epidemiology, bio-informatics, computational biology, survival analysis, health informatics, biopharmaceutical etc.

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Vol 8 (2019)

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General Articles

Bayesian Model Averaging for Selection of a Risk Prediction Model for Death within Thirty Days of Discharge: The SILVER-AMI Study PDF
Terrence E. Murphy, Sui W. Tsang, Linda S. Leo-Summers, Mary Geda, Dae H. Kim, Esther Oh, Heather G. Allore, John Dodson, Alexandra M. Hajduk, Thomas M. Gill, Sarwat I. Chaudhry 1-7
Italian Version of the Risk Assessment and Prediction Tool: Properties and Usefulness of a Decision-Making Tool for Subjects’ Discharge after Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty PDF
Marco Monticone, Luca Frigau, Cristiano Sconza, Calogero Foti, Francesco Mola, Stefano Respizzi 8-16
Improvement in Heart Rate Variability Following Spinal Adjustment: A Case Study in Statistical Methodology for a Single Office Visit PDF
John Hart 17-22
An Alternative Stratified Cox Model for Correlated Variables in Infant Mortality PDF
K.A. Adeleke, A.A. Abiodun 23-31
Evaluation and Comparison of Patterns of Maternal Complications Using Generalized Linear Models of Count Data Time Series PDF
Collins Odhiambo, Freda Kinoti 32-39
Multivariate Analysis of Data on Migraine Treatment PDF
Agostino Tarsitano, Ilaria L. Amerise 40-50

ISSN: 1929-6029