Vol 3, No 4 (2014)

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General Articles

A Robust Parameterization for Unbounded Covariates Within the Cox Proportional Hazards Model PDF
Richard J. Jackson, Trevor F. Cox 331-339
Application of Survival Tree Based on Texture Features Obtained through MRI of Patients with Brain Metastases from Breast Cancer PDF
Asanao Shimokawa, Yoshitaka Narita, Soichiro Shibui, Etsuo Miyaoka 340-347
Graphical Investigation of Threshold Choice Effect on Odds Ratio Related to Prognostic Factors in Stroke Recovery PDF
Marco Iosa, Giovanni Morone, Augusto Fusco, Stefano Paolucci 348-355
Estimating the Population Standard Deviation with Confidence Interval: A Simulation Study under Skewed and Symmetric Conditions
Shipra Banik, Ahmed N. Albatineh, Moustafa Omar Ahmed Abu-Shawiesh, B. M. Golam Kibria 356-367
Determinants of Wasting Among Under-Five Children in Ethiopia: (A Multilevel Logistic Regression Model Approach)
Gutu Adugna Dabale, M. K Sharma 368-377
Imputation of Missing Data for a Continuous Variable with an Ordinal form of Risk Function: When to Apply the Transformation?
Mohammad Reza Baneshi, Behshid Garrusi, Saiedeh Haji-Maghsoudi 378-383
Avoiding Inferential Errors in Public Health Research: The Statistical Modelling of Physical Activity Behavior PDF
Ann O. Amuta, Dudley Poston Jr. 384-391
LQAS in Health Monitoring – Insights from a Bayesian Perspective PDF
David Kwamena Mensah, Paul Hewson 392-403
Examining the Probabilities of Type I Error for Unadjusted All Pairwise Comparisons and Bonferroni Adjustment Approaches in Hypothesis Testing for Proportions
Sengul Cangur, Handan Ankaralı 404-411
Predictive Modelling of Patient Reported Radiotherapy-Related Toxicity by the Application of Symptom Clustering and Autoregression PDF
A. Lemanska, A. Cox, N. F. Kirkby, T. Chen, S. Faithfull 412-422
Development of Predictive Models for Continuous Flow Left Ventricular Assist Device Patients using Bayesian Networks PDF
Natasha A. Loghmanpour, Manreet K. Kanwar, Raymond L. Benza, Srinivas Murali, James F. Antaki 423-434
Increasing Early Awareness of Hazard of Children with ADHD’s ODD and Aggression by Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) PDF
Ruu-Fen Tzang, Chuan-Hsin Chang, Yue-Cune Chang 435-443

ISSN: 1929-6029