Vol 6, No 4 (2017)

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General Articles

A Comparison of Parametric and Semi-Parametric Models for Microarray Data Analysis PDF
Linda Chaba, John Odhiambo, Bernard Omolo 134-143
The MAX Statistic is Less Powerful for Genome Wide Association Studies Under Most Alternative Hypotheses PDF
Benjamin Shifflett, Rong Huang, Steven D. Edland 144-151
Sample Size Calculation in Clinical Studies: Some Common Scenarios
Mohammad Z. I. Chowdhury, Khokan C. Sikdar, Tanvir C. Turin 152-161
Lindley Approximation Technique for the Parameters of Lomax Distribution
Afaq Ahmad, Kawsar Fatima, S.P. Ahmad 162-168

ISSN: 1929-6029