Evaluation of Raised-Bed and Conventional Irrigation Systems for Yield and Water Productivity of Wheat Crop

Ashifa Soomro Ashifa Soomro, Muhammad Nauman, Shakeel Ahmed Soomro, Ahmed Ali Tagar, Shoukat Ali Soomro, Mahmooda Buriro, Allah Wadhayo Gandahi, Aneela Hameem Memon


A study was conducted at Drainage and Reclamation Institute of Pakistan (DRIP), Tandojam in a clay loam soil. The treatments include raised-bed irrigation system (T1) and conventional irrigation system (T2). The experiment was laid down using randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications. The total area under experiment for each treatment and replication was 1004.65 m2 and 334.88 m2 respectively. Groundwater quality of experimental sight was slightly saline. Results of the experiment showed that there was highly significant difference in volume of water applied, yield and water productivity of wheat crop under the raised-bed and conventional irrigation systems. Both water saving (50.73%) and water productivity (54.37%) of wheat crop was higher under raised-bed irrigation system. The raised-bed irrigation system obtained 24.65% higher yield compared to conventional irrigation system. All other parameters were also higher under the raised-bed irrigation system. Thus raised-bed irrigation system is recommended to achieve higher yield and water productivity of wheat crop and to save water particularly in a clay loam soil.


Raised bed irrigation system, Conventional irrigation system, Water productivity, Water saving, Yield, Wheat crop

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ISSN: 1927-5129