Journal of Coating Science and Technology

The Journal of Coating Science and Technology (JCST), is an international scientific peer-reviewed journal specializing in the fundamental and applied science of coating materials and surface engineering. The journal aims to provide a forum for the disseminations and exchanges of scientific and technological knowledge based on original research works among those linked to advanced coatings study, development and/or production, focusing in different areas such as wear-resistant coatings, corrosion protective coatings, optical protective coatings, films for biomedical and energy purposes, decorative coatings, and others, produced by advanced techniques such as PVD, CVD, thermal projection, etc.

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Vol 6, No 1 (2019)

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Determination of Thermal Barrier Coatings Layers Optimum Thickness via PSO-SA Hybrid Optimization Method concerning Thermal Stress
Ali Ghaseminezhad Koushali, M. Nazari, Masoud Roudneshin 1-9
Graphene Based Sensors for Air Quality Monitoring – Preliminary Development Evaluation
Denise Machado, Maria J. Hortigüela, Gonzalo Otero- Irurueta, Paula A.A.P. Marques, Ricardo Silva, Rui F. Silva, Victor Neto 10-21
Review on the Use of Nanofillers in Polyurethane Coating Systems for Different Coating Applications
Gauri P. Deshmukh, Prakash A. Mahanwar 22-35

ISSN: 2369-3355