Vol 3, No 4 (2016)

Journal of Intellectual Disability - Diagnosis and Treatment

Table of Contents

Special Issue - Early Identification: Promising Practices to Support Young Children with Disabilities and their Families

Editorial: “Promising Practices, Models, and Research in the Early Identification of Young Children with Disabilities” PDF
Marisa Macy 154-155
Accuracy of Three Screening Instruments in Identifying Preschool Children at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Khaled Alkherainej, Jane Squires 156-163
Utility and Validity of Authentic Assessments and Conventional Tests for International Early Childhood Intervention Purposes: Evidence from U.S. National Social Validity Research
Deborah D. Lee, Stephen J. Bagnato, Kristie Pretti Frontczak 164-176
Content Validity Analyses of Qualitative Feedback on the Revised Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children (AEPS) Test
Marisa Macy, Diane Bricker, Carmen Dionne, Jennifer Grisham Brown, JoAnn Johnson, Kris Slentz, Misti Waddell, Melissa Behm, Heather Shrestha 177-186
A Comprehensive and Additive System for Child-Focused Assessment and Evaluation in EI/ECSE
Diane Bricker, Jane Squires, Huichao Xie 187-197
Assessment and Early Identification of Young Children with Social Emotional Difficulties and Behavioral Challenges
Elizabeth A. Steed A. Steed, Rashida Banerjee 198-204
A Collaborative Approach to Early Identification and Referral of Children Who are in Family Childcare Settings, Birth to Five, Born to Teenage Mothers
Suzanne Yockelson, Cynthia Linder, Rachel Asman 205-212
Medical Costs of Evaluating Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in a Unit Established in a Japanese Outpatient Office PDF
Toshihiro Horiguchi, Chieko Akiyama 213-217
Re-Conceptualizing Developmental Areas of Assessment for Screening, Eligibility Determination and Program Planning in Early Intervention PDF
Bonnie Keilty, Patricia M. Blasco, Serra Acar 218-229
The Observation Scale for Autism (OSA): A New Screening Method to Detect Autism Spectrum Disorder before Age Three Years PDF
Nils Haglund, SvenOlof Dahlgren, Karin Källén, Peik Gustafsson, Maria Råstam 230-237
Early Intervention of Kindergarten Children at Risk for Developmental Disabilities: A Greek Paradigm
Maria Tzouriadou, Constantinos Vouyoukas, Eleni Anagnostopoulou, Lito E. Michalopoulou 238-246
Reaching the Hard to Reach: Mobile Development Screening Van to the Rescue
Joannie Busillo-Aguayo, Wendy Murawski, Ivor Weiner 247-256

ISSN: 2292-2598