Journal of Membrane and Separation Technology

The Journal of Membranes and Separation Technology is a peer-reviewed journal covers all aspects of membrane & separation sciences and technology. The journal facilitates the communication of new ideas and techniques relating to synthesis and characterization of membrane / separation materials. The journal also publishes updates in filtration, fouling, module operations, process design, processes simulation technologies with the ultimate goal of promoting best practices.

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Vol 6, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Mechanical Characterization of APA Microcapsules by Parallel-Plate Compression PDF
Kiyoshi Bando, Yohei Yamaguchi 40-47
Applying the Berberine-Pretreated Filter for Inactivating Bioaerosols
Ying-Fang Hsu, Hsiao-Chien Huang, Shinhao Yang 48-54
Improved Gas Separation of PEBAX-CSWCNTs Mixed Matrix Membranes
Pouria Abbasszadeh Gamali, Mohammadreza Rahmani, Abbass Kazemi, Mahnaz Pourkhalil 55-70
Nanoporous Polyether Sulfone Membrane, Preparation and Characterization: Effect of Porosity and Mean Pore Size on Performance
Sara Salehi Shahrabi, Hamid Reza Mortaheb, Jalal Barzin, Mohammad Reza Ehsani 71-84

ISSN: 1929-6037