Vol 4, No 4 (2015)

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An Overview of Mechanical Tests for Polymeric Biomaterial Scaffolds Used in Tissue Engineering PDF
Oscar Robles Vazquez, Ignacio Orozco Avila, Juan C. Sánchez Díaz, Elena Hernandez 168-178
Stabilization of Polypropylene for Rotational Molding Applications PDF
Iñaki Emaldi, Christopher Mark Liauw, Herman Potgieter 179-187
Study and Characterization of Polyaniline at Various Doping of LiCl wt.% Using Electrical Measurements and XRF Analysis
Faten Adel Ismael Chaqmaqchee, Amera Ghareeb Baker 188-190
Effect of Acid-Hydrolyzed Thermoplastic Starch on the Mechanical, Thermal and Morphological Properties of Polyethylene Based Composites PDF
Perla Mayari Trejo Ramírez, Ernesto Hernández Hernández, Javier Castro Rosas, Silvia Guadalupe Solís Rosales, José Roberto Villagómez Ibarra, Carlos Alberto Gómez Aldapa 191-201
Assembly of Ordered Polystyrene Nanoparticles on Self- Assembled Monolayers
Ortal Lidor Shalev, Hagit Hagit, Yitzhak Mastai 202-209

ISSN: 1929-5995