Vol 5, No 1 (2016)


Table of Contents


ACM/Hindered Phenol Hybrids: A High Damping Material with Constrained-Layer Structure for Dynamic Mechanical Analysis and Simulation
Cong Li, Xiaoxia Cai, Chifei Wu, Guozhang Wu 1-9
Physical Properties of Polyacrylamide/Polyvinylalcohol Silica Nanocomposites
Dalia E. Abulyazied, Nahla A. Mansour, Azza M. Mazrouaa, Manal G. Mohamed 10-17
Design, Synthesis, Characterizations, and Processing of a Novel c-Donor-nc-Bridge-cf-Acceptor Type Block Copolymer for Optoelecronic Applications PDF
Thuong H. Nguyen, Muhammad Hasib, Dan Wang, Sam-Shajing Sun 18-38
Hybrid Porphyrin-Polymeric Materials and their Amazing Applications: A Review
Gheorghe Fagadar-Cosma, Mihaela Birdeanu, Eugenia Fagadar-Cosma 39-51

ISSN: 1929-5995