Vol 2, No 3 (2013)


Table of Contents


Can Renewable Energy Sustain an Age of Cheap Energy?
Hazuki Ishida 201-204
The Emergence of Low Carbon Energy Autonomy in Isolated Communities
Callum Rae, Fiona Bradley 205-221
Effect of Bacterial Invasion on the Growth and Lipid Production of the Oleaginous Yeast Rhodotorula glutinis
Marianne Harkins, Daniel Lou-Hing, Lisa A. Sargeant, Christopher J. Chuck 222-230
Biohydrogen Production Using Immobilized Cells of Hyperthermophilic Eubacterium Thermotoga neapolitana on Porous Glass Beads PDF
Tien Anh Ngo, Ha Thi Viet Bui 231-238
Local Biomass Processing is Practical for Facilitating Fermentation to Bioethanol
John J. Savarese 239-245
An Overview of the Downdraft Rice Husk Gasifier Technology for Thermal and Power Applications
Alexis T. Belonio, Joel A. Ramos, Manuel Jose C. Regalado, Victoriano B. Ocon 246-258
Prospects of Rice Husk Gasification for Power Generation in Bangladesh
Barun Kumar Das, Nirendra Nath Mustafi, S.M. Najmul Hoque 259-267
Wind Technology and Associated Carbon Footprint
Lisa Ann Lamont, Lana El Chaar 268-277
Numerical Simulations for Average Temperature Differential Stirling Engine
Khaled M. Bataineh 278-292

ISSN: 1929-6002