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The Journal of Buffalo Science is a peer-reviewed veterinary journal covering all aspects of veterinary sciences relating to buffaloes. The journal publishes high quality original articles, review articles, case reports and short communications as well as other scientific and educational articles. The journal facilitates the distribution and implementation of new ideas and techniques relating to clinical veterinary practice, with the ultimate aim of promoting the best practices. The journal is an essential  reading for  veterinarians primarily engaged in Buffalo related veterinary sciences.

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Vol 7, No 3 (2018)

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Population Diversity and Role in the Socioeconomic Development of Domestic Buffaloes of Rural Areas of District Haripur, KPK Pakistan
Saira Bibi, Muhammad Fiaz Khan, Aqsa Rehman 38-42
Behaviour and Welfare of Dairy Buffaloes: Pasture or Confinement?
Patricia Mora-Medina, Jesús Alfredo Berdugo-Gutiérrez, Daniel Mota-Rojas, Jhon Didier Ruiz-Buitrago, José Nava-Adame, Isabel Guerrero-Legarreta 43-48
Imprinting, Sucking and Allosucking Behaviors in Buffalo Calves
Patricia Mora-Medina, Fabio Napolitano, Daniel Mota-Rojas, Jesús Berdugo-Gutiérrez, Jhon Ruiz-Buitrago, Isabel Guerrero-Legarreta 49-57
Life Cycle Assessment of Dairy Buffalo Calves in an Italian Farm
Emilio Sabia, Fabio Napolitano, Giuseppe De Rosa, Matthias Gauly, Ada Braghieri, Corrado Pacelli 58-63

ISSN: 1927-520X