Vol 4, No 1 (2015)

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Effect of rbST on Serum Biochemical Values During Various Physiological and Weather Conditions in Kundhi Buffaloes
A.B. Kachiwal, B.A. Sheikh, S.A. Sheikh, T.A. Qureshi, K.H. Memon 1-10
In Vito Fertilization in Buffaloes: A Review PDF
Saber Mohamed Abd-Allah 11-14
Isolation and Characterization of Mannheimia varigena from a Murrah Buffalo
Sarita Yadav, Aman Kumar, Sushila Maan, Ashok Boora, Narender Singh Maan, Rajiv Banger, K.P. Singh, Inderjeet Singh 15-20
Factors Affecting Performance of Indian Murrah Buffalo: A Review
Vijay Kumar 21-27
Arthrodesis of a Distal Interphalangeal Joint in a wild African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) PDF
Anthony Scott Shakespeare 28-32

ISSN: 1927-520X