A Smooth Test of Goodness-of-Fit for the Baseline Hazard Function for Time-to-First Occurrence in Recurrent Events: An Application to HIV Retention Data

Collins Odhiambo, John Odhiambo, Bernard Omolo


Motivated by HIV retention, we present an application of the smooth test of goodness-of-fit under right-censoring to time to first occurrence of a recurrent event. The smooth test applied here is an extension of Neyman’s smooth test to a class of hazard functions for the initial distribution of a recurrent failure-time event. We estimate the baseline hazard function of time-to-first loss to follow-up, using a Block, Borges and Savits (BBS) minimal repair model of the data (n = 2,987,72% censored). Simulations were conducted at various percentages of censoring to assess the performance of the smooth test. Results show that the smooth test performed well under right-censoring.


BBS model, Hazard function, Loss to follow-up, Neyman’s smooth test, Recurrent events, Retention in HIV care

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ISSN: 1929-6029