Are Crime Victims Being Gagged Under the Israeli Criminal Justice Procedures?

Efrat Shoham, Lior Gideon


In this conceptual article we examine the issues revolving around crime victims’ participation under the Israeli criminal procedure in recent years. As such, the article discusses the official status of victims, the protections guaranteed by local legislation during the various legal stages--beginning with the criminal investigation procedure through the protections guaranteed under law, and their routine implementation. Specifically, the article discusses changes in Israeli legislation and practice in regard to victims’ rights, while comparing them to those in other countries. Further, the article discusses the introduction of restorative justice to legal procedures in Israel, and its relevance to victims’ rights. It concludes with a recommendation to establish a standardized policy that will assure victims’ rights in order to secure their status while also ensuring that they are being exposed to a therapeutic process that is much needed for the victims, and in particular for domestic and sexual assault victims.


Victims’ Impact Statement, Sexual victimization, Victims rights, Domestic Violence, Restorative Justice

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ISSN: 1929-4409