Vol 3 (2014)


Table of Contents


An Evidence Based Study of the Different Factors that Influence the Formation of Hammer Transfer Stains in a Crime Scene PDF
Samir Kumar Bandopadhyay, Nabanita Basu 402-413
Violence and Healing: Exploring the Power of Collective Occupations PDF
M.R. Motimele, E.L. Ramugondo 388-401
Juvenile Probationers, Restitution Payments, and Empathy: An Evaluation of a Restorative Justice Based Program in Northeastern Pennsylvania PDF
Sarah Kuehn, John Yarnell, David R. Champion 377-387
DNA Evidence: Examining Police Officers’ Knowledge of Handling Procedures in a Mid-Size Department PDF
Robert C. Hauhart, Kimberly R. Menius 360-376
A Bio-Social Review to Mitigate the Punishment of Unwanted Acts PDF
Armin Alimardani, Ali M. Ardekani, Leila R. Astany 348-359
“It’s not easy but it's still possible to be an abstainer here”: Non-Drug Use Among Young Men in a Slum Area in Makassar, Indonesia PDF
Sudirman Nasir, Doreen Rosenthal, Timothy Moore 336-347
An Analysis of Coherence of Chinese Courtroom Discourse PDF
Guang Shi 327-335
Gambling Addiction Defence on Trial: Canadian Expert Witness Perspectives PDF
Garry Smith, Rob Simpson 319-326
The Role of Gender Dynamics in the Relationship between Parental Maltreatment and Juvenile Theft in South Korea PDF
Hyunhee Hong, Yoonsun Han, Dong Hun Lee 309-318
Social Disorganization and Neighborhood Crime in Argentine Shantytowns PDF
Daniel Míguez 300-308
Community Policing, Workplace Structure and Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Men and their Civil Liberties PDF
Mary Bernstein, Stephen Wulff 284-299
A Comparative Analysis of Human Trafficking: The United States of America (USA) and the Republic of South Africa (RSA) PDF
Mark M. Lanier, C. Thomas Farrell, Christiaan Bezuidenhout 275-283
Mafia Women: A Study on Language and Mental Representations of Women Engaged with Mafia Members PDF
Adriano Schimmenti, Serena Giunta, Girolamo Lo Verso 267-274
Counting Shadows – Measuring trafficking in Persons in Australia PDF
Matthew Wise, Andreas Schloenhardt 249-266
Thinking Differently about ‘False Allegations’ in Cases of Rape: The Search for Truth PDF
Jacqueline M. Wheatcroft, Sandra Walklate 239-248
Vocabularies of Legitimation: Understanding Normative Killings PDF
Michael Costeloe, Alex Alvarez 222-238
Micro-Place Disorder, Subjective Powerlessness and Violent Youth Group Involvement: Testing an Integrative Control Theory PDF
Lieven J.R. Pauwels, Robert Svensson 200-221
A Brief History of Prohibition and Treatment Solutions for Substance Abusers PDF
David F. Duncan, Thomas Nicholson, John B. White, Gregory Ellis-Griffith 186-199
Some Current Developments in Brazilian Sociology of Crime: Towards a Criminology? PDF
Renan Springer de Freitas, Ludmila Ribeiro 175-185
Some Current Developments in Brazilian Sociology of Crime: Towards a Criminology? PDF
Renan de Freitas, Ludmila Ribeiro 175-185
Internment in the United Kingdom During the Twentieth Century and Its Links to the Evolution of Immigration Detention PDF
Stephanie J. Silverman 168-174
The Individual Agency and Social Structure Dialectic: Exploring Women’s Experiences of Remand Custody through Arts and Community-Based Research PDF
Gayle Rutherford, Christine A. Walsh, Meredith Klemmensen, Sarah Madden 158-167
Evidence for a Big Brother Effect in Survey-Based Fear of Crime Research PDF
Jessica Ashbourne 146-157
The Predictive Effects of Self-Esteem, Moral Self, and Moral Reasoning on Delinquent Behaviors of Hong Kong Young People PDF
Christopher Cheng 133-145
Malicious Peace: Violent Criminal Organizations, National Governments and Truces PDF
Paul Rexton Kan 125-132
U.S. Territorial Exclusion in Federal Sentencing Research: Can it be Justified? PDF
Gale Iles, Vic Bumphus, Karen McGuffee 113-124
Is the Crime of Aggression Really Accountable? Reflections about Syria PDF
Ilich Felipe Corredor Carvajal 108-112
12-Step Programs to Reduce Illicit Drug Use PDF
Sine Kirkegaard Nielsen, Trine Filges, Anne-Marie Klint Jørgensen 100-107
New Economic Geography and the Conception of Social Factors of Criminality: Areas of Common Interest and Prospects for Synthesis PDF
Dmitry V. Bakharev 93-99
A Legal Inquiry into the Proliferation and Control of Small Arms in Nigeria PDF
Pontian Okoli 77-92
Sex Trafficking: Examining Links to Prostitution and the Routine Activity Theory PDF
Samuel Kenyon, Youngyol Schanz 61-76
Judicial Perceptions of Media Portrayals of Offenders with High Functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorders PDF
Colleen M. Berryessa 46-60
Empowering the Frontline Police Officers to Cope with Police Social Service Role Strain in China PDF
Xiaohai Wang 20-45
Are Crime Victims Being Gagged Under the Israeli Criminal Justice Procedures? PDF
Efrat Shoham, Lior Gideon 5-19

Case Report

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Offending Behaviour- Case Report PDF
Jibowu Olubokun 1-4

ISSN: 1929-4409