Puerperal Tetanus in Water Buffalo – A Case Report

A.K. Boora, S. Yadav, V.K. Jain, N. Rana, K.P. Singh, A.K. Balhara


Abstract: Reports of tetanus in buffaloes are scanty in comparison to cattle, horse, sheep and goat. A six years old Murrah buffalo, five days post-partum, was presented for treatment with a history of manual removal of retained placenta. Prolapse of third eyelid, complete locking of jaw, development of curve in spine, erection of ear and typical “pump-handle” position of tail were visible signs. Diagnosis was established on the basis of case history and clinical signs. Treatment was carried out with irrigation of genital tract with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and administration of hypertonic saline solution (7.5%), dextrose normal saline (5%), penicillin G procaine in high dose, ketoprofen and chlorpromazine. The animal fell like a stiff, wooden structure on day 11 of the onset of the disease and succumbed to its illness.


Tetanus, post-partum, third eyelid, pump-handle position, water buffalo

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ISSN: 1927-520X