Vol 7 (2018)


Table of Contents


Working Behind Bars: Employed Prisoners' Perception of Professional Training and Employment in Prison PDF
Ronit Peled Laskov, Uri Timor 1-15
The Principles of Ritual Logic PDF
Beatrice Ugolini 16-19
Caught between ‘Crossfire’ in the Context of Bangladesh PDF
A.B.M. Najmus Sakib, Zarin Tasnim Rashid 20-31
Exploring Places of Street Drug Dealing in a Downtown Area in Brazil: An Analysis of the Reliability of Google Street View in International Criminological Research PDF
Elenice DeSouza Oliveira, Ko-Hsin Hsu 32-47
Geography and Sentencing: Does Country of Citizenship Influence Sentence Longevity? PDF
Gale Iles, Oladipupo V. Adegun 48-58
The Case of Ditto Block: A Study of Special Weapons and Tactics, Antisocial Personality, Mental Illness and Barricade Offenders PDF
Terrance G. Lichtenwald, Frank S. Perri 59-114
The Origin of White Collar Criminality? Exploring a Gene x Environment Interaction Hypothesis PDF
Tage Alalehto 196-205
Explaining Torture: A Case Study PDF
Claudia Reyes- Quilodran, Martha Cottam 206-223
Citizen Opinion Survey: How a Mid-Sized California Community Perceives their Police Department PDF
Robert Werling, Sriram Chintakrindi, Nicholas Clark, Gregory Morris, Mark Perry, Blake Randol 239-249
The Role of Law Enforcement in Community-Based Drug Treatment and its Impact on Crime Prevention PDF
Krisanaphong Poothakool 250-259
Autism Spectrum Disorder and Harassment: An Application of Attribution Theory PDF
Melanie Clark Mogavero, Ko-Hsin Hsu 260-274

Special Issue - Crime and Public Policy in Latin America

Some Temporarily Successful Experiences along Three Decades of Failure: Crime and Public Policy in Brazil PDF
Renan Springer de Freitas, Ludmila Ribeiro 115-120
Public Safety Policy in the State of Minas Gerais (2003-2016): Agenda Problems and Path Dependence PDF
Ludmila Mendonça Lopes Ribeiro, Ariane Gontijo Lopes 121-134
Violence, Criminal Subjection and Political Merchandise in Brazil: An Overview from Rio PDF
Michel Misse 135-148
Public Security and Policy Networks in Brazil PDF
Arthur Trindade M. Costa 149-158
Violence and Public Safety as a Democratic Simulacrum in Brazil PDF
Renato Sérgio de Lima 159-172
Construction and Deconstruction of a Homicide Reduction Policy: The Case of Pact for Life in Pernambuco, Brazil PDF
José Luiz Ratton, Jean Daudelin 173-183
Some Conceptual Basis for Crime Prevention in Brazil and USA: Generic Public Policies and Control Crime Programs PDF
Claudio Beato, Andréa Silveira 184-195
Lethal Violence and Peripheral Youth Extermination in Brazil Amazon Region PDF

ISSN: 1929-4409