Vol 6 (2017)


Table of Contents


Racing to the Bottom? The Link between Exporting Behaviour and Worker Job Satisfaction PDF
Zara Liaqat 463-476
Retroeconomics – Moving from Dying to Brisk Economy PDF
Vladimer Papava 455-462
Voluntary Corporate Governance Disclosure Innovative Evidence: The Case of Jordan PDF
Ahmad Hamed Awwad Almanasir, B. Shivaraj 443-454
Effects of Market Reforms and External Shocks on Indian Stock Indices: Evidence on Structural Breaks and Weak-Form Efficiency PDF
Somnath Chattopadhyay, Suchismita Bose 426-442
Real Risk-Free Rate, the Central Bank, and Stock Market Bubbles PDF
Jukka Ilomäki, Hannu Laurila 420-425
European Insurance Markets in Face of Financial Crisis: Application of Learning Curve Concept as a Tool of Insurance Products Innovation – Discussion PDF
Adam Śliwński, Anna Karmańska, Tomasz Michalski 404-419
Exploration of Leisure Time Valuation to Explain Sex-Based Wage Gaps among Salaried Primary Care Physicians in the US PDF
William B. Weeks, Bruno Ventelou 395-403
The Invisible Hand of Rent Seeking: Capitalism, Democracy, and the Budget Deficits PDF
Hiroaki Hayakawa, Yannis P. Venieris 380-394
Chinese Economy in 2050 - The Key Challenges on the way to Grow PDF
Piotr Rubaj 163-174
Prediction of Gas Concentration Based on the Opposite Degree Algorithm PDF
Xiao-Guang Yue, Michael McAleer 154-162
Some Problems on the Sectoral Structure, GDP Growth and Sustainability of Vietnam PDF
Bui Trinh, Bui Quoc 143-153
Can Europe Prosper Without the Common Currency? A Historical Perspective PDF
Ton Notermans 129-142
Determinants of Satisfaction with an Urban Tourism Destination: The Case of Barcelona PDF
Teresa Garín-Muñoz, María J. Moral 113-128
Foreign Direct Investment and its Literature Review PDF
Khaldoun Maddallah Al-Qaisi 105-112
Modeling of the Aerial Capacity through a Leontief Production Function: The Case of Tunisian Airports PDF
Harizi Besma, Harizi Riadh, M' raïhi Rafaa 98-104
Sustainable Development as a Macro-Regional Goal PDF
Donatella Porrini, Fabrizio Striani 87-97
A Theory of Currency Unions and Equity Price Shocks PDF
Christopher E.S. Warburton 68-86
Theravada Buddhism and Thai Luxury Fashion Consumption PDF
Michael McAleer 58-67
Defining the Role of Competition in the Airport Industry: A Critical Assessment PDF
Michael L. Polemis, Aikaterina Oikonomou 42-57
Financial Development, Investment and Economic Growth: Evidence from Nigeria PDF
Umar Bida Ndako 33-41
Market Efficiency in the MENA Equity Markets: Evidence from Newly Developed Tests and Regime Change PDF
Ata Assaf Ata Assaf, Husni Charif 15-32
Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Transmission in Turkey in the Inflation Targeting Regime PDF
Arzu Tay Bayramoglu, Larry Allen 1-14
The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices, Organizational Culture, Motivation and Knowledge Management on Job Performance with Leadership Style as Moderating Variable in the Jordanian Commercial Banks Sector PDF
Ghaith Abdul raheem raheem Ali Alsheikh, Enas Ali Theeb Alnawafleh, Mutia Sobihah Binti Abd Halim, Abdul Malek Bin A A Tambi 477-488
The Mediating Role of Organizational Culture on the Relationship between Employee Performance and Antecedents in the Hotel Sector PDF
Ghaith Abdul raheem Ali Alsheikh, Mutia Sobihah Binti Abd Halim, Maysoon Shafeeq Ahmad Alremawi Alremawi, Abdul Malek Bin A Tambi 489-497

Special Issue - Recent Topical Research on Global, Energy, Health & Medical, and Tourism Economics, and Global Software

Recent Topical Research on Global, Energy, Health & Medical, and Tourism Economics, and Global Software: An Overview
Chia-Lin Chang, Michael McAleer 218-224
Re-Opening the Silk Road to Transform Chinese Trade PDF
Ning Mao, Michael McAleer 225-232
Education and Skill Mismatches in Maptaphut Industrial Estate, Thailand PDF
Duangjan Varakamin 233-238
Development of a Code of Practice and Indicators for Quality Management of Official Statistics in Thailand PDF
Titirut Mekbunditkul, Sorachai Phisalbutr 239-247
Projections of Energy Use and Carbon Emissions for Bangkok, Thailand PDF
Aumnad Phdungsilp 248-257
Multi-Fuel Allocation for Power Generation Using Genetic Algorithms PDF
Anurak Choeichum, Narongdech Keeratipranon, Chaiyaporn Khemapatapan 258-268
Optimal Active Energy Loss with Feeder Routing and Renewable Energy for Smart Grid Distribution PDF
Phatcharasak Phawanaphinyo, Narongdech Keeratipranon, Chaiyaporn Khemapatapan 269-278
Demand for Narcotics in Thailand, with Policy Implications PDF
Renu Sukharomana, Chia-Lin Chang 279-284
Computer Technology to Improve Medical Information in Bangkok, Thailand PDF
Waraporn Jirapanthong 285-292
Heritage Tourism and Vibrant Life of the Baan Lao Community, Chao Phraya River, Bangkok, Thailand PDF
Korakit Choomgrant, Renu Sukharomana 293-301
Ecotourism Impacts on the Economy, Society and Environment of Thailand PDF
Aswin Sangpikul 302-312
Taxi Drivers’ Cross-Cultural Communication Problems and Challenges in Bangkok, Thailand PDF
Janpha Thadphoothon 313-320
A Hybrid Knowledge Discovery System Based on Items and Tags PDF
Winyu Niranatlamphong, Worasit Choochaiwattana 321-327
Using a Game Development Platform to Improve Advanced Programming Skills PDF
Banyapon Poolsawas, Winyu Niranatlamphong 328-334
Quadratic Approximation of the Newsvendor Problem with Imperfect Quality PDF
Natapat Areerakulkan 335-341
You’ve Got Email: A Workflow Management Extraction System PDF
Piyanuch Chaipornkaew, Takorn Prexawanprasut, Michael McAleer 342-349
An Academic Search Engine for Personalized Rankings PDF
Worasit Choochaiwattana 350-354
Creative and Learning Processes using Game-Based Activities PDF
Wilawan Inchamnan, Karuna Yampray 355-366355-366
Personal Software Process with Automatic Requirements Traceability to Support Startups PDF
Waraporn Jirapanthong 367-374
Comparing Statistical and Data Mining Techniques for Enrichment Ontology with Instances PDF
Aurawan Imsombut, Jesada Kajornrit 375-379

Special Issue - Monetary Policy in a Post-Crisis World: Experiences and Practices

EDITORIAL - Monetary Policy in a Post-Crisis World: Experiences and Practices
Ricardo Ramalhete Moreira i
Predicting Fed Forecasts PDF
Neil R. Ericsson 175-180
The “Sudden” Transition to the Free Floating Exchange Rate Regime in Russia in 2014 PDF
Evgenii V. Gilenko 181-192
Expectations, Taylor Rules and Liquidity Traps PDF
Yangyang Ji 193-197
Changes in Inflation Persistence Prior and Subsequent to the Subprime Crisis: What are the Implications for South Africa? PDF
Andrew Phiri 198-207
Correlations between the Market Price of Interest Rate Risk and Bond Yields PDF
Takashi Yasuoka 208-217

ISSN: 1929-7092