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International Journal of Criminology and Sociology | Volume 1


Table of Contents

Volume 1, 2012


Law/Culture: Power, Politics and the Political - Pages1-12
Elaine Campbell

Racial Threat and Opposition to the Re-Enfranchisement of Ex-Felons - Pages13-28
Ted Chiricos, Kathy Padgett, Jake Bratton, Justin T. Pickett and Marc Gertz

“That Time of Month:” Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder in the Criminal Law-Another Look - Pages29-44
Rosanna Langer

Cannibalism and Gang Involvement in the Cinematic Lives of Asian Gangsters - Pages45-59
Richard J. De Caires, Paul T. Lankin and Phillip C. Shon

Social-Psychological Profiles of Early Adolescents Involved in Bullying Activities - Pages60-68
Stelios N. Georgiou and Panayiotis Stavrinides

Zola and the Serial Killer: Robert Black and La Bête Humaine - Pages69-80
Adam Lynes, David Wilson and Craig Jackson

Why Homicides are Committed in Russia: Quantitative Explanation - Pages 93-97

Ivan S. Skifsky


Ego Identity and Relational and Social Aggression Mediated by Elaborative and Deep Processing - Pages 98-108

Jered B. Kolbert, Laura M. Crothers, Gibbs Y. Kanyongo, Helena K.Y. Ng, Charles M. Albright, Eric Fenclau Jr., Ara J. Schmitt and Daniel Wells


Legitimacy and the Swedish Security Service’s Attempts to Mobilize Muslim Communities- Pages 109-120
Abby Peterson

Organised Crime Typologies: Structure, Activities and Conditions - Pages 121-131
Vy Le

Arrest History and Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration in a Sample of Men and Women Arrested for Domestic Violence - Pages 132-140
Ryan C. Shorey, Andrew Ninnemann, Joanna Elmquist, Lindsay Labrecque, Heather Zucosky, Jeniimarie Febres, Hope Brasfield, Jeff R. Temple and Gregory L. Stuart

Everybody Knows that the Prisoner is Going Nowhere’: Parole Board Members’ Views about Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder in England and Wales - Pages 141-150
Julie Trebilcock and Tim Weaver


The Effect of Perceived Deterrence on Compliance with Authorities: The Moderating Influence of Procedural Justice - Pages 151-161
Peter Verboon and Marius van Dijke

Electoral Donations as Legal Bribes: Evidence from a Survey of Private Corporations in Colombia - Pages 162-175
Nubia Evertsson

Making Fitness to Plead Fit for Purpose - Pages 176-197
Amar Shah

Homelessness and Incarceration: An Examination of Barriers to Misdemeanor Resolution for the Homeless - Pages 198-206
Joseph R. Herzog, Chang-Bae Lee, Frank A. Sansone and Mark Olson

Formation and Trend of Guanxi Practice and Guanxi Phenomenon - Pages 207-220
Guoping Jiang, T. Wing Lo and Christopher P. Garris

The Spatial Characteristics of Homes as Private Domains that May Promote Youth Offending - Pages 221-229
Thozama Mandisa Lutya

The Becoming of the Complex Socium: New Causes of Deviance and Crime - Pages 230-235
Sergey A. Kravchenko

Power, Control, and Marital Violence; Beliefs vs. Behavior. A Test of the Graham-Kevan Archer Measure - Pages 236-246
Clifton R. Emery, Shali Wu, Hotaek Lee, Hyerin Yang, Hai Nguyen Trung and Jaeyop Kim

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL): Selective Justice and Political Maneuvers
- Pages 247-264
Omar Nashabe

Prison and Immigration Industrial Complexes: The Ethnodistillation of People of Color and Immigrants as Economic, Political, and Demographic Threats to US Hegemony - Pages 265-284

Jesse Díaz Jr.


Letter Articles
Ranch Apocalypse: A Pataphysical Inquiry into the Mount Carmel Siege - Pages 81-85
Michelle Granden

The Importance of a Stable Home and Family Environment in the Prevention of Youth Offending in South Africa - Pages 86-92
Thozama Mandisa Lutya

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