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Volume 5, 2016





The Russian Financial Crisis and Workers’ Remittances to Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic - Pages 344-353
Mirzosaid Sultonov

Access to Debt Finance: Which Policies Work? Empirical Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa - Pages 327-343
Prosper Senyo Koto

Role of Public Investment in Growth and Poverty Reduction in Transition Economies - Pages 310-326
Sanjaya Acharya and Shamshimukhamed Nuriev

Revisiting Islamization of Courses in Economics with Special Emphasis on the Operational Aspect - Pages 298-309
Ataul Huq Pramanik

Special Issue

Theoretical and Empirical Islamic Economics

Hassan GhassanHassan B. Ghassan  
(Guest Editor)
Professor of Applied Econometrics,
Umm Al-Qura University,
Saudi Arabia

Editorial: Theoretical and Empirical Islamic Economics - Page i
Hassan B. Ghassan

PLS Finance and Monetary Policy: A New Measure Mooted - Pages 288-297
Zubair Hasan

Fairness and Ethics in Spending - Pages 281-287
Hassan B. Ghassan

Special Issue

Trends in Monetary Policy and Future Directions

A. SeshanA. Seshan
Economic Consultant,
(Guest Editor)
Former Officer-in-Charge, Department of Economic Analysis and Policy,
Reserve Bank of India, and (IMF) Adviser to National Bank of Kyrgyzstan and Bank of Sierra Leone,
9 Shiv Mahal, 206 Sion Road, Sion, Mumbai 400022, India, Tel: 91 - 22 - 24075087
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Global Financial Crisis of 2008, Asymmetric Effects of Exchange Rate Changes, and Stability of the Demand for Money in Japan - Pages 273-280
Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee and Jungho Baek

How the Quantitative Easing Affect the Spillover Effects between the Metal Market and United States Dollar Index? - Pages 254-272
Jung-Bin Su

A Note on Intrinsic Inflation Persistence and the Optimal Inflation Rate - Pages 248-253
Dario Pontiggia

A Theory of Quantitative Easing Policy and Negative Interest Policy Based on the Japanese Experience - Pages 243-247
Masayuki Otaki

Scaling Capitalist Class Relations: Commercial Property Development in Tampa, Florida - Pages 227-242
M. Mark Amen

How do Agency Problems Affect the Implied Cost of Capital? - Pages 210-226
Ching-Chih Wu, Bing-Huei Lin, and Tung-Hsiao Yang

Modeling the Main Determinants of Movie Sales: An Econometric Study of Chinese Marketplace - Pages 190-209
Fan Feng and Ravi Sharma

Does Foreign Aid Cause “Dutch Disease”?: Case of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam - Pages 180-189
Ni Lar, Hiroyuki Taguchi and Hiroaki Sakurai

Differential Games with (A) symmetric Players and Heterogeneous Strategies - Pages 171-179
Benteng Zou

Does High Unemployment Rate Cause High Suicide Rate? Evidence from Japan and South Korea - Pages 165-170
Chiung-Ju Huang and Yuan-Hong Ho

Causality between Monetary Expansion and the Price Level in India since 1950s – A Re-Examination - Pages 154-164
Sanjib Debnath and Ritwik Mazumder

Does Financial Sector Development Enhance the Relationship between FDI and Economic Growth? A Comparative Study of East African Countries - Pages 145-153
Roger Kelly

Special Issue

Economic Growth and Convergence: Analyses for the Mexican States

Vicente GermanVicente German-Soto
(Guest Editor)
Professor and Research of Applied Econometrics,
Autonomous University of Coahuila, México
Tel: +52 8444128782
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EDITORIAL: Economic Growth and Convergence: Analyses for the Mexican States - Pages i-ii
Vicente German-Soto

The Long-Run Relationship among Health and Income in Mexico, 1940-2011 - Pages 131-144
Vicente German-Soto and Martha Elena Fuentes Castillo

An Exploration of Regional Labor Productivity Patterns of Manufacturing SMEs in Mexico - Pages 116-130
Miguel Flores, Roldán Andrés-Rosales and Amado Villarreal

Testing for Pro-Poorness of Growth through the Tax System: The Mexican Case - Pages 101-115
Luis Huesca and Linda Llamas

Spatial Interaction Regional Model for the Mexican Economy (SIRMME): A Special Case for Mexico City Metropolitan Area - Pages 84-100
Miguel Ángel Mendoza-González, Marcos Valdivia-López and Luis Quintana-Romero

Inequality and Spatial Convergence in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area, 1989-2010 - Pages 69-83
Luis Quintana-Romero, Jaime A. Prudencio-Vázquez and Carlos Salas Páez

Pair-Wise Approach to Test the Regional Convergence Hypothesis in Mexico - Pages 59-68
Domingo Rodríguez-Benavides, José Carlos Trejo García and Miguel Ángel Mendoza González

Is the Economic Convergence of the Mexican States Possible? Estimates for the 1940-2013 Period - Pages 48-58
Mario Camberos C. and Joaquín Bracamontes N.

Testing Stochastic Convergence among Mexican States: A Polynomial Regression Analysis - Pages 36-47
Vicente German-Soto and Natalia Salazar Garza

General Articles

Analyzing the Synchronization between the Financial and Business Cycles in Turkey - Pages 25-35
Cüneyt Akar

Zakat and Accounting Valuation Model - Pages 16-24
Essia Ries Ahmed, Ku Halim Bin Aiffin, Tariq Tawfeeq Yousif Alabdullah and Ahmed Zuqebah

Fiscal Policy and Economic Performance: A Review - Pages 1-15
George E. Halkos and Epameinondas Α. Paizanos

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