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International Journal of Criminology and Sociology | Volume 5

International Journal of Criminology and Sociology

Table of Contents

Volume 5, 2016


The School as an Influencing Factor of Truancy - Pages 191-202
Dirk Baier

Innes: Security Bonds - Pages 182-190
G. Sandri, A. Puccia, M. Bardi, E. Corbari and J. DeMarco

Positive Criminology and Rethinking the Response to Adolescent Addiction: Evidence on the Role of Social Support, Religiosity, and Service to Others - Pages 172-181
Byron R. Johnson, Matthew T. Lee, Maria E. Pagano and Stephen G. Post

A Model Based Approach to School Shootings: Every Second Counts! - Pages 162-171
Hasan T. Arslan and Thomas Olsen

The Status of Criminological Theories in Turkey: A Brief Account - Pages 154-161
Özden Özbay

A Comparative Analysis of Attitudes Toward Immigrants - Pages 143-153
Ugur Orak and Ozgur Solakoglu

Special Issue

Adjustment of Learners’ Violent Behaviour in a School Context

Petro van der MerwePetro van der Merwe
(Guest Editor)
University of South Africa, UNISA,
South Africa
Tel: 012 429 2118, Fax: 012 429 4699
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Editorial: Adjustment of Learners’ Violent Behaviour in a School Context - Page i
Petro van der Merwe

Conflicting Voices in HIV/AIDS Education of the South African Youth: School Culture Versus South African Traditional Healers Using Ancestral Worship - Pages 123-142
Miriam Siwela and Cecelia Jansen

The Influence of Social Relationships on Conduct Problems in School Context – Does School Engagement Matter? - Pages 113-122
Alexander Lätsch, Diana Raufelder and Tino Wulff

Students’ Social and Emotional Competence Promoting Positive Social Relationships and Skills - Pages 105-112
Reizo Koizumi and Yohei Yamada

Communication and Collaboration between School and Family for Addressing Bullying - Pages 99-104
Panagiotis J. Stamatis and Eleni N. Nikolaou

An Exploratory Study on How Democratic School Management Practices Affect the Dynamics of Violence in Schools - Pages 86-98
Petro van der Merwe

General Articles

Structuring the Potential Losses from Vandalism; Actions of Insurers Confronted with the Insecurity Resulting from Vandalism - Pages 75-85
Sonia Guelton

Ethical Assumptions: A Criticism against Modern Pragmatism - Pages 68-74
Maximiliano E. Korstanje and Geoffrey Skoll

Violence among the Youth in Turkey: An Assessment of General Strain Theory - Pages 55-67
Özden Özbay

Macroeconomics and Drug Use: A Review of the Literature and Hypotheses for Future Research - Pages 41-54
Thomas Nicholson, David F. Duncan, Gregory Ellis-Griffith and Akihiko Michimi

The Missing Links: Towards the Effective Management and Control of Corruption in Nigeria, Africa and the Global South - Pages 25-40
Ethelbert Okey Lawrence

Crime Story in the Macedonian Printed Daily Newspapers - Pages 14-24
Stefanovska Vesna

Gender Differences in Substance Use Across Marital Statuses - Pages 1-13

Sampson Lee Blair and Melissa A. Menasco


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