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Volume 4, 2015





Special Issue

Hayek, Keynes and the crisis. Analyses and Remedies

CarmeloCarmelo Ferlito
(Guest Editor)
Faculty of Business, School of Accounting,
Economics and Finance, INTI International University and Colleges, Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Editorial: Hayek, Keynes and the Crisis: Analyses and Remedies. An Introduction - Pages 184-185
Carmelo Ferlito

Early Macro Divergence from Micro: Keynes vs Hayek, Fisher and Friedman - Pages 268-280
Max Gillman

Ludwig M. Lachmann Against the Cambridge School - Pages 251-267
Carmelo Ferlito

Homoclinic Bifurcation and Endogenous Cycles in the Dynamic IS-LM Model - Pages 242-250
Giovanni Bella

Target Capital Structure Determinants and Speed of Adjustment Analysis to Address the Keynes-Hayek Debate - Pages 225-241
André Getzmann, Sebastian Lang and Klaus Spremann

Hayek’s Hidden Critique of The General Theory - Pages 212-224
David Sanz and Juan Morillo

Financial Fragility and Central Bank: Are Minsky’s Crisis and Austrian Business Cycle are Complementary? - Pages 205-211
François Facchini

Economic Growth and Financial Instability: The Ideas of Hayek and Keynes - Pages 192-204
Noemi Levy Orlik

Capital Theory, Crises, and Business Cycles: The Triangular Debate between Hayek, Keynes, and Sraffa - Pages 186-191
Heinz D. Kurz

General Articles

Wagner or Keynes for Ghana? Government Expenditure and Economic Growth Dynamics. A ‘VAR’ Approach - Pages 177-183
Kofi Kamasa and Grace Ofori-Abebrese

International Investor Sentiment and Emerging Equity Markets in Central and Eastern Europe - Pages 165-176
Magdalena Sokalska

Examining the Asymmetric Behavior across the Phases of Capacity Utilization Rates in Turkey - Pages 159-164
Ismail Onur Baycan

Does Capital Account Liberalization Affect the Financial Stability: Evidence from China - Pages 152-158
Yuanyuan Shen and Lu Yang

The Fall of Oil Prices and Changes in the Dynamic Relationship between the Stock Markets of Russia and Kazakhstan - Pages 147-151
Mirzosaid Sultonov

Revising Fiscal Policy and Growth in Saudi Arabia - Pages 139-146
Janelle Mann and Peter Sephton

Microcredit and Poverty: When Microcredit Works and When It Doesn’t - Pages 126-138
M.G. Quibria

Bibliometric Rankings of Journals Based on the Thomson Reuters Citations Database - Pages 120-125
Chia-Lin Chang and Michael McAleer

Disproportionality and Business Cycle from Tugan-Baranovskij to Spiethoff - Pages 108-119
Carmelo Ferlito

Intervalling-Effect Bias and Competition Policy - Pages 96-107
Panagiotis N. Fotis, Victoria Pekka-Oikonomou and Michael L. Polemis

Modern Theory of Capital Cost and Capital Structure by Brusov–Filatova–Orekhova (BFO Theory) for Companies, which Ceased to Exist at the Time Moment n - Pages 87-95
P.N. Brusov, T.V. Filatova, N.P. Orekhova, M.A. Eskindarov and V.L. Kulik

Convergence of Health Expenditure in OECD Countries: Evidence from a Nonlinear Asymmetric Heterogeneous Panel Unit Root Test - Pages 76-86
Didem Pekkurnaz

Trickle-Down Technology and Screening of a Durable Goods Monopolist - Pages 69-75
Su-Chen Huang, Shih-Ti Yu, Woody Chih-Yi Chi and Wen-Ben Yang

Global Macroeconomic Performance: A Comparative Study Based on Composite Scores - Pages 51-68
Somnath Chattopadhyay and Suchismita Bose


Are the Hot IPOs Still Relevant? Evidence from China’s Growth Enterprise Market - Pages 43-50
Lu Yang, Huimin Zhang and Shigeyuki Hamori


The Golden Age of the Company: (Three Colors of Company's Time) - Pages 21-42
Peter N. Brusov, Tatiana Filatova, Natali Orehova and Veniamin Kulik


Turnover Premium, Foreign Institutional Ownership, and Time-Varying Risk Premium in Taiwan Equity Markets - Pages 8-20
Ying-Jen Chen and Jen-Sin Lee


Corruption and Economic Growth: A South Korean Study - Pages 1-7
Chong-Uk Kim and Gieyoung Lim

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