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Journal of Intellectual Disability Diagnosis and Treatment | Volume 5 Number 3

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Table of Contents

Volume 5 No.3, 2017

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open AccessRestricted and Repetitive Behaviour in Persons with Autism (Ages 0-18): An Integrative Review of Treatment Related to Occupational Therapy - Pages 61-76
Melissa Patriquin, Diane MacKenzie and Joan Versnel

Open AccessAnalysis of the Psychoeducational Intervention Models in Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Pages 77-84
Manuel Ojea Rúa

Open AccessIssues of Gender & Sexuality in Special Needs Children: Keeping Students with Autism & Learning Disability Safe at School - Pages 85-89
Wenn B. Lawson

Open AccessWomen & Girls on the Autism Spectrum: A Profile - Pages 90-95
Wenn B. Lawson

Access to Preventive Health Services of People with Intellectual Disability in Italy - Pages 96-99
Aldo Rosano and Alessandra Battisti

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