Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences

Enhancing on the Mineral Elements of Exposure to Magnetic Field in Plants Leave

Abdelaziz A.M. El Shokali, Abdelrazig M. Abdelbagi and M.D. Abdallah


Published: 30 July 2015Open Access

Abstract: The aim of this work was investigating the accumulation of the element's contents in plant leaves using magnetized and non-magnetized water for irrigation. Sunflower and tomato were irrigated using magnetized water conducted with magnetic field in the range of 250 mT and irrigate with normal water for comparison in an open land. The measurement of elements was performed using atomic absorption spectroscopy to identify the levels of Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Zinc in the leaves of the plants under survey. The results are evaluated using different statistical methods from data obtained to assess the levels of elements enhanced in these leaves. The leaf elements quantity in plants treatment with a magnetic field has a significant impact on plant yield and food quality.

Keywords: Magnetic field, water irrigation, elements, leaves, atomic absorption.

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