Journal of Research Updates in Polymer Science | Volume 1 Number 2

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Table of Contents

Volume 1 No. 2, 2012

** All articles now available with Open Access

The Review on Electrospun Gelatin Fiber Scaffold- Pages 59-71
Jianchao Zhan and Ping Lan

Synthesis and Study of Electrical Properties of Di Ethylene Glycol Embedded ZrO2 Films as a Gas Sensor- Pages 72-74
P.S. More, Y.B. Khollam and S.G. Gawande


Thermoplastic-Thermosetting Merged Polyimides Derived from Furan-Maleimide- Pages 75-83
Yogesh S. Patel and Hasmukh S. Patel

Nanostructured Triblock Copolymers with Chemically Complementary Components and Their Ionic Conductivity- Pages 84-95
Tatyana Zheltonozhskaya, Elena Shembel, Sergey Fedorchuk, Larisa Kunitskaya, Iryna Maksyuta, Nataliya Permyakova and Yuriy Gomza


Photoreactive UV-Crosslinkable Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Based on Butyl Acrylate and 4-Acryloyloxy Benzophenone Copolymers- Pages 96-100
Zbigniew Czech, Agnieszka Kowalczyk and Jagoda Kowalska


Thermal Stability and Rheological Properties of Polyethylene (PE)/Polyvinylchloride (PVC)/Wood Composites- Pages 101-109
Xing Wang, Bin Yang, Ru Xia, Ji-Bin Miao, Jia-Sheng Qian, Peng Chen and Shuang-Quan Deng


Effect of Euphorbia Coagulum on Flexural Property of Polyester Banana Fiber Composite- Pages 110-112
Bhuvneshwar Rai, Gulshan Kumar and Rajinder K. Diwan



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