Journal of Applied Solution Chemistry and Modeling | Volume 4 Number 2

Journal of Applied Solution Chemistry and Modeling

Table of Contents

Volume 4 No. 2, 2015




Benzothiazole-Based Bis-azo Cationic Fluorescent Dyes with Extended Conjugated Systems: Synthesis and Properties - Pages 83-94
Frahnaz Nourmohammadian, Mohammad Yousef Alikhani, Mahnaz Davoudzadeh Gholami and Ali Ashtiani Abdi

Polymeric Versus Lipid Nanoparticles: Comparative Study of Nanoparticulate Systems as Indomethacin Carriers - Pages 95-109
Ana Carvalho, Ivo Lopes, Odete Gonçalves, Eduarda Bárbara, M. Elisabete C.D. Real Oliveira and Marlene Lúcio

Preferential Solvation of the Antioxidant Agent Daidzein in some Aqueous Co-Solvent Mixtures according to IKBI and QLQC Methods - Pages 110-118
Daniel M. Jiménez, Zaira J. Cárdenas, Daniel R. Delgado, María Á. Peña and Fleming Martínez

Study of Molecular Interactions in Binary Mixtures of Diethyl Carbonate + Benzene Derivatives at Different Temperatures - Pages 119-127
K. Narendra, B. Sudhamsa, M. Sarath Babu and T.S. Krishna

The Influence of Solvent on Complex Formation of Crown Ether with Tetraphenylphosphonium Chloride - Pages 128-131
Atri Deo Tripathi

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