International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research | Volume 4 Number 1

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Volume 4 No.1,  2015

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open AccessPrediction and Identification of Covariates of Intra-cerebral Hemorrhage - Pages 1-7
Afaq Ahmed Siddiqui, Domenic V. Cicchetti, M.Wasay, Rafeeq Alam Khan, M. Ayub Khan Yousuf Zai, Mansoor Ahmed and Shagufta Tabassum

Open AccessEvaluating Treatment Effect in Multicenter Trials with Small Centers Using Survival Modeling - Pages 8-25
Usha S. Govindarajulu and Elizabeth J. Malloy

Open AccessBayesian Inference Supports the Use of Bypass Surgery Over Percutaneous Coronary Intervention To Reduce Mortality in Diabetic Patients with Multivessel Coronary Disease - Pages 26-34
Christopher D. Lang, Yulei He and John A. Bittl

Establishing Reliability When Multiple Examiners Evaluate a Single Case-Part II: Applications to Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - Pages 35-47
Domenic Cicchetti, Alan Fontana and Donald Showalter

Open AccessAge Scale for Assessing Activities of Daily Living - Pages 48-56
Rafael Figueroa, Satoshi Seino, Noriko Yabushita, Yoshiro Okubo, Yosuke Osuka, Miyuki Nemoto, Songee Jung and Kiyoji Tanaka

Open AccessEstimating Mean and Standard Deviation from the Sample Size, Three Quartiles, Minimum, and Maximum - Pages 57-64
Martin Bland

Open AccessAn Exponential Melanoma Trend Model - Pages 65-71
Örjan Hallberg

Open AccessOn the Translation of a Treatment's Effect on Disease Progression Into an Effect on Overall Survival - Pages 72-78
Steven M. Snapinn and Qi Jiang

Open AccessSome Useful Properties of Log-Logistic Random Variables for Health Care Simulations 
- Pages 79-86
David E. Clark and Muhammad El-Taha

Inferential Procedures for Comparing the Accuracy and Intrinsic Measures of Multivariate Receiver Operating Characteristic (MROC) Curve - Pages 87-93
R. Vishnu Vardhan, G. Sameera, P.A. Chandrasekharan and Thulasi Beere

The Hybrid ROC (HROC) Curve and its Divergence Measures for Binary Classificatio - Pages 94-102
S. Balaswamy, R. Vishnu Vardhan and K.V.S. Sarma

Time Profile of Time-Dependent Area Under the ROC Curve for Survival Data - Pages 103-113
J. Lambert, R. Porcher and S. Chevret

Open AccessUse of Geometric Mean in Bioequivalence Trials - Pages 114-120
Abdur Rasheed and Afaq Ahmed Siddiqui

Open AccessSurvival Functions in the Presence of Several Events and Competing Risks: Estimation and Interpretation Beyond Kaplan-Meier - Pages 121-139
Patrizia Boracchi and Annalisa Orenti

Determinants of Immunization Among Children Aged 12-23 Months in Ethiopia: A Proportional Odds Model Approach - Pages 140-155
Mesay Tefera and M.K. Sharma

A Study of Risk Factors for Breast Cancer in a Primary Oncology Clinic in Benghazi-Libya - Pages 156-160
Fatma Ben Khaial, Zuhir Bodalal, Amal Elramli, Fayek Elkhwsky, Adel Eltaguri and Riyad Bendardaf

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