Journal of Buffalo Science | Volume 8 Number 1

Journal of Buffalo Science

Table of Contents

Volume 8 No.1, 2019

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access



Open AccessEDITORIAL: Modernizing Buffalo Production in Iran: A Postmodern Essentiality - Pages 1-2
Akbar Nikkhah

Feasibility of Artificial Insemination Network for Egyptian Buffalo Development - Pages 3-12
Ibrahim Soliman and Ahmed F. Mashhour


Characterization of Buffalo Dairy Production Systems in Egypt Using Cluster Analysis Procedure 
- Pages 13-19
S.A.M. Abdel-Salam


Circadian Patterns of Ingestion and Rumination in Ruminants: A Chronophysiological Review 
- Pages 20-24
Akbar Nikkhah


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