Journal of Buffalo Science | Volume 4 Number 2

Journal of Buffalo Science

Table of Contents

Volume 4 No. 2, 2015


Assessing Minerals Status of Dairy Animals in South-West Zone of Punjab - Pages 33-39
B. M. Bhanderi, M.R. Garg and P.L. Sherasia

Differences in Blood and Milk Fatty Acid Profile of Primiparous and Mediterranean Buffaloes Cows During Transition Period and Early Lactation - Pages 40-45
Lenita Camargo Verdurico, Jefferson Rodrigues Gandra, Caio Seiti Takiya, Jose Esler de Freitas Junior, Rafael Villela Barletta, Rodrigo Gardinal, Gustavo Delfino Calomeni, Pablo Gomes de Paiva and Francisco Palma Rennó

Monitoring Vaginal Electrical Impedance in Bangladeshi Water Buffaloes During Postpartum Period - Pages 46-51
Nasrin Sultana Juyena, Mahmudul Hassan, Habibur Rahman Mollah and Shushanto Kumar Rabidas

Ultrasonographic Biometrical Studies on Reproductive Organs of rbST Treated Pregnant Kundhi Buffaloes - Pages 52-58
A.B. Kachiwal, B.A. Sheikh, S.A. Sheikh, K.H. Memon, S. Memon and T.A. Qureshi

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