Journal of Applied Solution Chemistry and Modeling | Volume 2 Number1


Table of Contents

Volume 2 No. 1, 2013

**All articles are now available with Open Access

Thermodynamic Modeling of the Rheological Behavior of PEG Aqueous Solutions as a Function of the Solute Molecular Weight and Shear Stress, at 298.15 K and 0.1 MPa - Pages 1-13
Raphael da C. Cruz, Márcio J.E. de M. Cardoso and Oswaldo E. Barcia

Ionic Selectivity Inside Solid-State Nanoscale Channels: Physics and Applications - Pages 14-21
Xiaojing Gong, Jichen Li and Ke Xu

Pointyng Correction in Phase Equilibrium Thermodynamics of Non Polar Gases and Brines: A Review - Pages 22-24
José Martínez Reyes, Melitón Estrada Jaramillo, Iván Vera Romero and Agustina Ortiz Soriano

Rapid Detecting Total Acid Content and Classifying Different Types of Vinegar based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Ant Colony Optimization Partial Least-Squares Analysis - Pages 25-32
Zhu Yao-Di, Zou Xiao-Bo, Huang Xiao-Wei, Shi Ji-Yong, Zhao Jie-Wen, Li Yanxiao, Hao Limin and Zhang Jianchun

Hyperbranched Polymers in a Supercritical Fluid: Recent Progress on Phase Behavior and Modeling - Pages 33-46
Yue Wu

Picosecond Solvation Dynamics of Coumarin153 in Bis(1-methyl-1H-imidazol-3-ium-3-yl)dihydroborate Cation Containing Room Temperature Ionic Liquid and Ionic Liquid-DMF Mixtures - Pages 47-56
Prabhat Kumar Sahu, Sudhir Kumar Das and Moloy Sarkar

Autoinhibition of Oxidation by Oxygen - Pages 57-67
Michael M. Silaev

Refractrometic Studies of Binary Mixtures of Flavoured Compounds and Some Hydrocarbons - Pages 68-76
Neetu Yadav, Tanvir Arfin and S.S. Yadava

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