Journal of Coating Science and Technology | Volume 1 Number 1

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Volume 1 No. 1, 2014

 * This issue is Open Access

Bacterial Anti-Adhesion of Coated and Uncoated Thin-Film-Composite (TFC) Polyamide (PA) Membranes - Pages 1-7
Juha Nikkola, Hanna-Leena Alakomi and Chuyang Y. Tang

Sol-Gel Derived Single Layer Zeolite-MgF2 Composite Antireflective Coatings with Improved Mechanical Properties on Polycarbonate - Pages 8-16
S. Pavithra and R. Subasri

Microstructure Effects on Electrochemical Characteristics for Plasma Spray Deposited LiFePO4 Films - Pages 17-24
Xuan Zhou, Nick Moroz, Pravansu Mohanty, Fu Bi, Yaping Wang and B.C. Satishkumar

Oxidation Behavior of Hf-Modified Aluminide Coatings on Inconel-718 at 1050°C
- Pages 25-45
Yongqing Wang, James L. Smialek and Marc Suneson

Tunable Photoluminescence via Thermally Evaporated ZnS Ultra Thin Films - Pages 46-50
Yoshifumi Urakawa and Karen K. Gleason

Alumina Surface Treated Pigmentary Titanium Dioxide with Suppressed Photoactivity - Pages 51-58
N. Veronovski, M. Lešnik and D. Verhovšek

DLC Coatings in Oil and Gas Production - Pages 59-68
Tomasz Liskiewicz and Amal Al-Borno

Structures and Optical Properties of Anodic Aluminum Oxide Thin Films - Pages  69-77
Nitu Mandal, Mukul Dubey, Rakesh Kumar Gupta, Baibhav Ghimire, David Galipeau and Qi Hua Fan

The Effects of Primary Oxy-Salts on Anodizing Magnesium Alloy AZ91D - Pages 78-87
Dingchuan Xue, Yeoheung Yun, Brian H. Halsall, William Vanooij, Mark J. Schulz and Vesselin Shanov

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