Journal of Buffalo Science | Volume 7 Number 3

Journal of Buffalo Science

Table of Contents

Volume 7 No.3, 2018

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access



Population Diversity and Role in the Socioeconomic Development of Domestic Buffaloes of Rural Areas of District Haripur, KPK Pakistan  - Pages 38-42
Saira Bibi, Muhammad Fiaz Khan and Aqsa Rehman

Behaviour and Welfare of Dairy Buffaloes: Pasture or Confinement?  - Pages 43-48
Patricia Mora-Medina, Jesús Alfredo Berdugo-Gutiérrez, Daniel Mota-Rojas, Jhon Didier Ruiz-Buitrago, José Nava-Adame and Isabel Guerrero-Legarreta


Imprinting, Sucking and Allosucking Behaviors in Buffalo Calves  - Pages 49-57
Patricia Mora-Medina, Fabio Napolitano, Daniel Mota-Rojas, Jesús Berdugo-Gutiérrez, Jhon Ruiz-Buitrago and Isabel Guerrero-Legarreta


Life Cycle Assessment of Dairy Buffalo Calves in an Italian Farm  - Pages 58-63
Emilio Sabia, Fabio Napolitano, Giuseppe De Rosa, Matthias Gauly, Ada Braghieri and Corrado Pacelli


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