Journal of Research Updates in Polymer Science | Volume 8 Number

Journal of Research Updates in Polymer Science

Table of Contents

Volume 8 , 2019


Cationic Polymerization Induced by Tris-(p-bromophenyl) Amine Cation-Radical Salts - Pages 21-26
Ideisan I. Abu-Abdoun

Study of Catalytic Activity of Lipase and Lipase-Chitosan Complexes in Dynamics - Pages 15-20
Anastasia A. Savina, Olga V. Abramova, Lilia S. Garnashevich, Ilia S. Zaitsev, Oksana A. Voronina, Marina S. Tsarkova and Sergei Yu. Zaitsev

Fabrication and Characterization of PVA-Gelatin-Nano Crystalline Cellulose based Biodegradable Film: Effect of Gamma Radiation - Pages 7-14
Nanda Karmaker, Farhana Islam, Md. Naimul Islam, Md. Razzak, Farjana A. Koly, A.M. Sararuddin Chowdhury and Ruhul A. Khan

Effect of Chemical Foaming Agent in Enhancing Dispersion of Montmorillonite in Polypropylene Nanocomposite - Pages 1-6
Ozan Azguler, Meltem Eryildiz and Mirigul Altan


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