Journal of Intellectual Disability Diagnosis and Treatment | Volume 2 Number 2

Journal of Intellectual Disability - Diagnosis and Treatment

Table of Contents

Volume 2 No. 2, 2014

 Open Access

Aetiology Based Diagnosis and Treatment Selection in Intellectually Disabled People with Challenging Behaviours - Pages 83-93
Willem M.A. Verhoeven and Jos I.M. Egger

Discrepancy between Motor and Cognitive Control in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities - Pages 94-100
Shogo Hirata, Hideyuki Okuzumi, Yoshio Kitajima, Tomio Hosobuchi and Mitsuru Kokubun

Neuropsychological Phenotype in Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome - Pages 101-111
Maria Cristina Cossu, Annalisa Albergo, Claudia Galluzzi, Cristiana Stefani and Gabriella Antonucci

Diagnosis “Autism” – from Kanner and Asperger to DSM-5 - Pages 112-118
Meglena Achkova and Harieta Manolova

Survival of Persons with Down Syndrome in Italy - Pages 119-123
Aldo Rosano

Contributions to the Cognitive Study of Facial Recognition on Down Syndrome: A New Approximation to Exploring Facial Emotion Processing Style - Pages 124-132
Guadalupe Elizabeth Morales, Ernesto Octavio Lopez, Claudia Castro-Campos, David Jose Charles and Yanko Norberto Mezquita-Hoyos

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Survey of Healthcare Providers after Continuing Education - Pages 133-143
Shirley F. Evans, Leigh E. Tenkku, Tay Kennedy, Roger Zoorob and P. Kevin Rudeen

Preterm Infants’ Follow-Up Program at a Public Hospital in Buenos Aires: Two-Decade Study - Pages 144-154
N. Aspres, I. Schapira, A. Benitez, A. Galindo, M. Brundi, L. Kasten, V. Feld, G. Granovsky, G. Allignani, A. Fiorentino, M. Cuneo-Libarona, S. Vivas, G. Gerometta, M.A. Gonzalez and A.B. Álvarez Gardiol

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