Journal of Coating Science and Technology | Volume 3 Number 1

Journal of Coating Science and Technology

Table of Contents

Volume 3 No. 1, 2016

 * This issue is Open Access

Are Diamond Surface Coatings Immune to Dry Running? - Pages 1-8
Michael D. Seymour

Methodologies of Application of Sol-Gel Based Solution onto Substrate: A Review - Pages 9-22
Saheli Bera, G. Udayabhanu, Ramanuj Narayan and Tapan K. Rout

Reactive DC Magnetron Sputtering-Induced the Formation of Amorphous CuN Films Embedded Nanocrystalline WC Phase - Pages 23-28
Yue Lin and Shihong Zhang

Corrosion Protection of Aluminum Alloy by Sol-Gel Derived Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Pretreatments Based on Epoxy Resin Modified Silane Precursor - Pages 29-40
Mahshid Niknahad, Chintankumar J. Patel and Vijay Mannari

Coalescence of Water Drops in Water-ULSD Dispersions via Electrowetting - Pages 41-49
Ashish Bandekar and George G. Chase

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