International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research | Volume 3 Number 1

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Volume 3 No. 1,  2014

* This issue includes papers published with Open Access

Open AccessThe Suppression Variables in Clinical Research - Pages 1-2
Akiyoshi Kinoshita

Open AccessModeling Survival After Diagnosis of a Specific Disease Based on Case Surveillance Data - Pages 3-10
Ruiguang Song, Gengsheng Qin, Kathleen McDavid Harrison, Xinjian Zhang and H. Irene Hall

Open AccessEstablishing Non-Inferiority of a New Treatment in a Three-Arm Trial: Apply a Step-Down Hierarchical Model in a Papulopustular Acne Study and an Oral Prophylactic Antibiotics Study - Pages 11-20
Jung-Tzu Liu , Chyng-Shyan Tzeng and Hsiao-Hui Tsou

Open AccessQuantifying Maternal and Paternal Disease History Using Log-Rank Score with an Application to a National Cohort Study - Pages 21-31
Rui Feng, Hersh Patel and George Howard

Open AccessA Bayesian Approach for the Cox Proportional Hazards Model with Covariates Subject to Detection Limit - Pages 32-43
Qingxia Chen, Huiyun Wu, Lorraine B.Ware and Tatsuki Koyama

Open AccessOptimizing the Fraction of Expensive Direct Measurements in an Exposure Assessment Study - Pages 44-54
Mahmoud Rezagholi and Apostolos Bantekas

Open AccessInterpreting Long-Term Trends in Time Series Intervention Studies of Smoke-Free Legislation and Health - Pages 55-65
Ruth Salway, Michelle Sims and Anna B. Gilmore

A Bayes Study of Bile Acid Constituents on Cholelithiasis and Carcinoma of the Gallbladder - Pages 66-73
Richa Srivastava, Satyanshu K. Upadhyay and Vijay K. Shukla 

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