Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy | Volume 4 Number 4

Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy

Table of Contents

Volume 4 No.4, 2015

Utilization of Oilseed Crops for On-farm Energy Security - Pages 113-119
Suraj Adhikari and Prabodh Illukpitiya

Feasibility of Small Autonomous Solar Powered Water Desalination Units for Arid Regions - Pages 120-128
Mohamed Azab and Mohamed Naser Al-Ghamdi

Regional Electric-Power Systems Planning and Carbon Dioxide Emissions Management under Uncertainty - Pages 129-146
Y.F. Li, Y.P. Li and G.H. Huang

Unravelling Methodologies for a Rational Lignin Valorisation Using Heterogeneously Catalysed Protocols - Pages 147-151
Rafael Luque

Effect of Series and Parallel Shading on the Photovoltaic Performance of Silicon Based Solar Panels - Pages 152-156
Shalaw Zrar Sdeeq, Aso Hamad Ameen and Fahmi Fariq Muhammad

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