Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy | Volume 1 Number 2

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Table of Contents

Volume 1 No. 2, 2012
** All articles now availble with Open Access 

Methanol as a Main Fuel to Replace Gasoline Without Global Warming - Pages 72-79
John O’M. Bockris

Diffusion of PV in Japan and Germany-Role of Market-Based Incentive and Research and Development (R&D) Investment- Pages 80-86
Sanjeeda Chowdhury and Ushio Sumita

New I-V Characteristics Scan-Type MPPT Control Method for PV Generation System - Pages 87-91
Kazutaka Itako

Simple Model for the Theoretical Survey of the Green Roof Thermal Behavior - Pages 92-102
Dominique Morau, Rakotondramiarana Hery Tiana and Andriamamonjy Ando Ludovic

Modeling of Carbonated Metabolites Production by Clostridium butyricum W5 Under Anaerobic Conditions for Optimization of Hydrogen Metabolic Production - Pages 103-112
Andres C. Diaz Valencia, Gustavo A. Garzon Fajardo, Fabio E. Sierra Vargas and Carlos A. Guerrero Fajardo

Predicting Energy Requirement for Cooling the Building Using Artificial Neural Network - Pages 113-121
Rajesh Kumar, R.K. Aggarwal, J.D. Sharma and Sunil Pathania

Energy Generation from Osmotic Pressure Difference Between the Low and High Salinity Water by Pressure Retarded Osmosis - Pages 122-130
Xu Wang, Zhongmai Huang, Lei Li, Shusheng Huang, Eileen Hao Yu and Keith Scott

Traditional Fermentation and Distillation of Raffia Palm Sap for the Production of Bioethanol in Bayelsa State, Nigeria - Pages 131-141
Elijah I. Ohimain, Patrick E. Tuwon and Ekiemene A. Ayibaebi

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