International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research | Volume 1 Number 2

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Volume 1 Number 2, December 2012

** All articles now availble with Open Access

Estimating the Complier Average Causal Effect for Exponential Survival in the Presence of Mid-Trial Switching - Pages 84-90
Zihua Yang, Adam R. Brentnall, Jack Cuzick and Peter Sasieni

Using Prior Information on Parameters to Eliminate Dependence on Initial Values in Fitting Coxian Phase Type Distributions to Length of Stay Data in Healthcare Settings - Pages 91-98
Bin Xie

Regressions to Monitor Health Care Quality: A User’s Guide and a New Index - Pages 99-112
Richard J. Butler and William G. Johnson

Generalized Augmentation for Control of the k-Familywise Error Rate - Pages 113-119
Alessio Farcomeni

Two-Part Pattern-Mixture Model for Longitudinal Incomplete Semi-Continuous Toenail Data - Pages 120-127
Rajibul Islam Mian and M. Tariqul Hasan

Ontology Based Statistical Automated Inference - New Approach to Artificial Intelligence - Pages 128-143
Wlodzimierz Borkowski and Hanna Mielniczuk

On the Measurement of Change in Medical Research - Pages 144-147
Ronir Raggio Luiz and Renan Moritz V.R. Almeida

Bayesian Analysis of Transition Model for Longitudinal Ordinal Response Data: Application to Insomnia Data - Pages 148-161
S. Noorian and M. Ganjali

Validation of Gene Expression Profiles in Genomic Data through Complementary Use of Cluster Analysis and PCA-Related Biplots - Pages 162-173
Niccolò Bassani, Federico Ambrogi, Danila Coradini, Patrizia Boracchi and Elia Biganzoli

Short Notes
Analysis of RT-qPCR Data 
- Pages 174-176
James R. Perkins, Nor Izayu Abdul Rahman and Matthias Kohl

Feature Selection in Statistical Classification - Pages 177-178
Matthias Kohl


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