DavidDunt tmf I very much appreciated your professionalism and dedication in this process as well as the way the manuscript was dealt with by the Journal team and the publication delays kept.
Dr. Jean Adolphe Rondal
Honorary Professor Institute for Advanced Psychological Studies Barcelona, Barcelona   09, August 2019
DavidDunt tmf The professional attitude and flexible contribution will be associated with high qulity.publish in Intellectual journal disability and treatment is very progressive. I suggest to authors , espicially motivated young authors, publish thier valuable articles with lifescience global publication. Especial thanks to Ms. Stella Dorothy, without her supports i could not do.
Nabi Nazari
Islamic Azad University, Hamadan, Iran  09, August 2019
DavidDunt tmf Both  my coauthors and myself have been very impressed with the quick turnaround of the journal and also the diligence with which the editorial team followed up with us to ensure the expeditious publication of our paper.
Dr. David Dunt
University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia  27, May 2013
Dimitris-Hatzinikolaou tmf I am grateful to the Lifescience Global team for their fast and excellent service. I am truly impressed by the quality and speed of their work, which is often most crucial. I am certainly telling others that this has been a great experience for me.
Dr. Dimitris Hatzinikolaou 
University of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece  29, April 2013
MaryamPic tmf It has been a pleasure working with all members of Lifescience Global team from the invitation stage though to the final publication stage. The staff is cordial, articulate and knowledgeable.  The responses to queries are timely and informative.  The peer-review process is very effective.
Dr.  Maryam Mobed-Miremadi
San Jose State UniversityCA, USA  20, March 2013
Afef tmf Working with Lifescience Global was by far the best publishing experience I ever had. The peer review and editorial decision was quite fast. The editorial team was very professional and answered emails on a timely manner. The production was very fast. I'm looking forward to publishing with Lifescience Global again.
Dr. Afef Fekih
Engineering University of Louisiana, LA, USA  13, March 2013
Dr. Rufino tmf The experience of working with Lifescience Global has been rewarding. The careful editorial comments and the detailed observations of the academic readers enriched our article. It has been a very good experience.

Dr. Rufino Echegoyen

Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias, Tlalpan, Mexico  22, February 2013
orabi tmf It is my honor to publish with Lifescience Global. I offer my sincere appreciation to the publisher for playing a crucial role in enlightening the scientific community.
Dr. Khaled Y Orabi

Kuwait University, Safat, Kuwait  15, January 2013
Tuomas-Takalo tmf I published my paper in Journal of Reviews on Global Economics, I very much appreciate that the swiftness of the referees during review and the overall publication process.
Dr. Tuomas Takalo

Bank of Finland, Helsinki, Finland  14, January 2013
Dr.-James tmf Working with the Lifescience Global team to prepare and publish our manuscript was efficient and easy at all steps; it was a great experience.

Dr. James H. Tabibian
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, NY, USA  26, December 2012
Denise Baird Schwartz tmf It looks great online. I am very pleased with the processing of Lifescience Global journals, the process was short and efficient.  The free online access is very useful when recommending the article to other healthcare professionals and the public.
Denise Baird Schwartz, MS, RD, FADA, CNSC
Healthcare Professional, Los Angeles, CA, US
11, December 2012
Dr Rogerio Correa Peres tmf It was extremely pleasant to work with Lifescience Global and Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences (JPANS).  The editorial office responses were quick and always very kind. I hope to soon publish again with JPANS.
Dr. Rogerio Correa Peres
Universidade Monte Serrat, Santos, Brazil  17, November 2012
Dr Ute Inegbenebor tmf I must thank Lifescience Global immensely for making my work a success. I am more than delighted at the exceptional display of kindness and forthrightness of the publication team. I wish Lifescience Global and its journals overwhelming success.
Dr. Ute Inegbenebor
Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Nigeria
  6, November 2012
Dr.Linares tmf I will absolutely spread the excellent experience working with Lifescience Global.

Dr. Oscar A. Linares

Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA  29, October 2012
Dr.Kolbert tmf I have greatly enjoyed working with Lifescience Global. I appreciate the professionalism of staff and the speed of response was exemplary. I have never worked with a journal and editor that moved so quickly and efficiently.
Dr. Jered B. Kolbert
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA  30, September 2012