Journal of Advances in Management Sciences & Information Systems

A Neural Network Decision Support System for Analysing Markets

Hamed Fazlollahtabar and Maryam Mohseninejad


Published: 30 July 2015Open Access

Abstract: Today, markets are equipped with IT-based systems to facilitate the flow of information within markets and to provide useful information for producers and costumers. Therefore, real time decision making is a significant issue of IT environment for obtaining maximum profit in markets. A valuable tool for real time decision making are Decision Support Systems (DSSs). Here, we propose a DSS to identify a set of optimal markets for a producer. The producer aims to determine the markets that provide more profit for him via information systems of markets that analyze all transactions and prepare reports. Due to these reports the producer would decide about markets that provide the maximum profit. The effectiveness of the proposed integrated model is illustrated through numerical example.

Keywords: Information Technology (IT), Decision Support Systems (DSS), Markets.

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