Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences

Development of Monoclonal Hybridoma Cell Lines and Extracting Antibody Against Fummonisin B1
Pages 507-513
Guangyu Yang, Wenxue Li, Xiaoyun Liang, Jinyin Wu and Wei Zhu

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.6000/1927-5129.2015.11.68

Published: 10 September 2015

Open Access

Abstract: Objective:To acquire monoclonal hybridoma cell lines against fummonisin B1(FB1) and extract monoclonal antibody against FB1.

Methods: Coupling antigens of FB1-KLH and FB1-BSA with chemical methods and immune 6-8 weeks old female BALB/c mice with FB1-KLH. Integrating spleen cells with sp2/0 myeloma cells to acquire hybridoma cell lines secreting McAb against FB1. The method of multiple subclones was used to select cell lines stably secreting McAb. McAbs was got from ascites and purified. The subclass of antibody was measured and the molecular weight was identified. The specificity and sensitivity of McAb were identified with indirect competitive inhibition ELISA.

Results:The results of serum from immuned mice showed that after five times of immunization the titer stables at 1×10-6, and the McAb belongs to IgG1 subclass, the light chain was κ, the molecular weight of heavy and light chain were 55kDa and 32kDa, respectively. ELISA results showed that McAb could react with FB1. The linear range indirect competitive inhibition ELISA is 10-500ng/ml.

Conclusion:The monoclonal hybridoma cell lines and the high specificity,high sensitivity of FB1-McAb was

Keywords: Fummonisin B1, hybridomacell lines, monoclonal antibody.

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Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences

Innovative Energy Standard of Curative Cupping/Hijama
Pages 445-453
Asif Ahmed

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.6000/1927-5129.2015.11.63

Published: 03 August 2015

Open Access

Abstract: Objective:Cupping therapy (CT) is a therapeutic technique that has proved to be beneficial in array of human diverse plethora of ailments, has recently regained a significant gravity in present day medical practice. ACT (Asif Cupping Theory) of cupping therapy has been new therapeutic mold that explains the occult scientific dimensions of Cupping Therapy.

Material & Methods:In the human physical body fundament electrical potentials generates from cell membranes. The ACT proposed that the application of negative vacuum pressure over the skin dot of low resistance or Quantum Orifice through the myofasical anatomical structure provides a meaningful access of cellular and organ energies that result in reorientation and dielectric relaxation.

Results:Application of negative suction over specific Quantum Orifices over skin offers the access of specific organ in address. Additionally use of cuts over skin provides chance to filter out energies through evacuation of blood that itself contains water molecules as dielectric constant on one side and is physical molecular structure as condense energy on the other hand thus establish a linked to specific organ in address that results in the alleviation of pathogenic insult.

Conclusion:ACT is novel quantum based energy model that successfully gives details that CT is a meaningful route based on electrical connectivity of deeper structure with quantum orifices present over the skin and application of negative vacuum and bloodletting facilitates the therapeutic expulsion of stagnated and intoxicated energy.

Keywords: Cupping-Hijama Therapy, Asif Cupping Theory-ACT, Energy Medicine, Quantum Orifices, Material Physical Diseases, Aural Dust Diseases, Consciousness Diseases.

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Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences

Seeing through New Eyes: An Experimental Investigation of the Benefits of Photography
Pages 354-358
Jaime L. Kurtz

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.6000/1927-5129.2015.11.51

Published: 03 June 2015

Open Access

Abstract:This study examined the affective and cognitive benefits of taking photographs of one’s everyday surroundings. Thirty-eight undergraduate participants were randomly assigned to either take photographs in a mindful, creative way; take photographs in a neutral, factual way; or do a count-your-blessings writing exercise, an activity that is known to reliably increase mood [1]. Planned contrasts revealed that those taking mindful, creative photographs were, on average, in a significantly better mood and were significantly more appreciative and motivated than those taking neutral photographs. There were no significant differences between either photography condition and the writing activity. These results suggest that, when done thoughtfully, photography can be an effective way of improving mood and appreciation of everyday life.

Keywords: Happiness, savoring, appreciation, well-being, emotion, positive psychology.
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Relative Importance of Emotional Intelligence’s Dimensions in Contributing to Dimensions of Job Performance
Pages 596-603
Jamil Ahmad and Maryam Saeed Hashmi

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.6000/1927-5129.2015.11.80

Published: 18 November 2015

Open Access

Abstract: Career in service industry is emotional labor intensive, which turns performance of the employees into undesired status who are not emotionally intelligent. To put light on this issue the present study scrutinizes the significant contributor from four dimensions of emotional intelligence to three dimensions of job performance individually as well jointly. Data gathered from 292 bankers through instrument adopted from literature, regression results revealed that self emotional appraisal, others emotional appraisal, regulation of emotions and use of emotions significantly contribute task performance, counterproductive work behaviors and organizational citizenship behaviors individually as well as jointly. The use of emotions remained significant when included with other dimensions of emotional intelligence in the hierarchical regressions model after controlling for age and gender, whereas regulation of emotions lost its significance. In organizational citizenship behaviors maximum variation was observed due to emotional intelligence’s dimensions as compare to the other dimensions of job performance. Banks’ management could use these findings for recruitment, training and promotions of employees. Limitations and future suggestions are presented in later part.

Keywords: Emotional intelligence, job performance, banking sector, dimensions of emotional intelligence, dimensions of job performance.
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Surface Functionalization of Gold Nanoparticles for Antiviral Medicines by Simulating the Surface Structure of Host Cells
Pages 572-576
Yujiro Naruse

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.6000/1927-5129.2015.11.76

Published: 10 November 2015

Open Access

Abstract: Surface functionalized gold nanoparticles that mimic the surfaces of host cells are proposed for antiviral medicines and the strategic design is theoretically described. As for the interaction between the gold nanoparticles and the viruses, the former acts as the adhesive balls for viruses. This will lead to gathering viruses and forming clusters or chains of them, bringing about four-stage antiviral mechanisms. The mechanisms are the interference against budding, reduction of diffusion velocity, inhibition of entry into host cells and the damage to RNA/DNA by X-ray exposure.

Keywords: Influenza, virus, NANA (N-Acetylneuraminic acid), endocytosis, HA (hemagglutinin), NA (neuraminidase).
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