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United Nation’s Media Reporting of Peacekeeping Operations on Syrian Conflict: Perspective of Peace Journalism

Pages 48-63
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Muhammad Wasil Solangi

Published: 3 August 2017


Abstract: This research article is espoused to identify the role of UN media in peacekeeping and peacebuilding. Customarily the media is bursting of incidents and stories associated to war. The intense causalities and disaster are repetitively emphasized. Each milieu has a connotation to it. The interpretation of each context is unalike. Therefore, the methodology being used in this research is critical discourse analysis (CDA) to ascertain between the lines of the warfare. Trail to the study of Syria conflict, is a complex story of war and peace. Argument, scrutiny, prying various individuals with schoolwork of UN resolutions in comparison to UN Charter partially managed to drive at a pivot of media and peace. Each story is co related to Van Dijk critical discourse analysis model. This research is an effort to acme the latest trends to media sciences vis-a-viz various critical areas, grey sites of peace work in the UN media via analyzing role and results of UN efforts in global peace.

Keywords: UN media, War on Terror, Global peace, peacemaking, peace keeping, peace building, peace journalism, implications of war, latest trends to media studies.

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