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Bayesian Analysis of Markov Based Logistic ModelPages 57-65

Soma Chowdhury Biswas, Janardan Mahanta and Manindra Kumar Roy


Published: 8 May 2018

Abstract: In analyzing longitudinal data the correlations between responses obtained from same individual need to be taken into account. Various models can be used to handle such correlations. This article focuses on the application of transition modeling using Bayesian approach for analyzing longitudinal binary data. For Bayesian estimation asymmetric loss functions, such as, linear exponential (LINEX) and modified linear exponential (MLINEX) loss function and Tierney and Kadnae (T.K.) approximation has been used. Comparison is made using Bayes factor and Bayesian approach under LINEX loss function can be suggested to estimate the parameters of transition model.

Keywords: Bayesian approach, Bayes Factor (BF), Linear exponential (LINEX), Longitudinal data, Markov model, Modified linear exponential (MLINEX).

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