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Determinants of Diarrhea Occurrence among Under-Five Children in Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region, Ethiopia Pages 81-88

Melkamu Molla Ferede


Published: 25 November 2019

Abstract: Based on the 2016 Ethiopian Demographic and health Survey report, among nine regions and two administrative Cities in Ethiopia, the second highest prevalence of childhood diarrhea was observed in Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s (SNNP) Region. Thus, the purpose of this study was to identify determinants of diarrhea occurrence among under five children in SNNP Region in Ethiopia. The study was conducted based on the 2016 Ethiopia demographic and health survey. A total of 1,197 under-five children were included in the study. In bivariate analysis crude odds ratio was used to assess the relationships between the prevalence of diarrhea and determinant factors. Multivariable logistic regression was employed to analyze the overall effect of determinants of the occurrence of diarrhea among under-five children. Data was analyzed using SPSS_23 and Stata_14. The overall prevalence of diarrhea among under-five children, two weeks before the survey, in the region was 14.2%. The highest magnitude of diarrhea was observed among rural children 13% [COR: 1.127; 95% CI: .601-2.115], who used unimproved sanitation (12.7%) and still breastfeeding children (11.2%). The multivariable logistic regression analysis revealed that child’s age 6-11months (AOR: 4.8; 95% CI: 2.322-10.074) and 12-23 months (AOR: 3.5; 95% CI: 1.736-7.050) were significantly associated with diarrhea. Prevalence of diarrhea was also significantly associated with households with six or more members (AOR = 1.675; 95% CI: 1.026-2.732) and currently breastfeeding children (AOR: 5.609; 95% CI: 1.322-23.799). In order to reduce the occurrence of childhood diarrhea, health care programs and other efforts related to children in SNNP Region should give special attention to children whose age between 6 -11 and 12-23 months, households with six or more members, and currently breastfeeding children since those children had strongly associated with diarrhea.

Keywords: Diarrhea, SNNP Region, Under-five Children, Determinants, Odds ratio, Logistic Regression.


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