Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy

Wind Power Integration Control Technology for Sustainable, Stable and Smart Trend: A Review
Pages 25-40
Hui-Jia Yang and Zhen-Yu Zhao


Published: 11 March 2015


Abstract: The key to achieve sustainable development of wind power is integration absorptive, involving the generation, transmission, distribution, operation, scheduling plurality of electric production processes. The paper based on the analyses of the situation of wind power development and grid integration requirements for wind power, summarized wind power integration technologies’ development, characteristics, applicability and trends from five aspects, grid mode, control technology, transmission technology, scheduling, and forecasting techniques. And friendly integration, intelligent control, reliable transmission, and accurate prediction would be the major trends of wind power integration, these five aspects interactive and mutually reinforcing would realize common development both grid and wind power, both economic and ecological.

Keywords: Wind power, grid integration, grid mode, control technology, transmission technology, scheduling, forecasting techniques.
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