Below are the essentials of Lifescience Global’s publishing ethics for all groups involved in its publishing process:

Editors' Ethical Responsibilities:

  • Editors-in-Chief of Lifescience Global are responsible for making critical editorial decisions on all peer-reviewed articles submitted in their journals.
  • Although every effort is made to ensure that all published content by Lifescience Global journal is final and reliable to cite, we held our editors responsible for maintaining the transparency of the academic research and record. Therefore, if any case of retraction, rectification, and erratum arises, editors should give special attention to publish the respective note.
  • The editor should exclude every sort of conflict of interest for the article that they review. Assessing manuscripts for their scientific quality and intellectual content is their major responsibility. They are ethically required to make unbiased decisions free from any discrimination of race, gender, geographical origin, or religion of the author(s).
  • The editor should evaluate all manuscripts factually based on their academic merit and free of any commercial or self-interests.
  • The editors should maintain the confidentiality of every submission, and not disclose any information regarding submitted manuscripts before their final publication.
  • Promoting research righteousness must be preserved.
  • If an editor suspects any misconduct in research, he/she should start its prompt and detailed investigation with respective authority. Editor must follow up the case asking relevant editorial staff till final resolution of the issue.
  • Any suspicious activity during peer-review should also be resolved with diligence. Editors are encouraged to view https://publicationethics.org/sites/default/files/recognising-peer-review-manipulation-cope-infographic.pdf and COPE flowchart in cases of suspected reviewer misconduct in this regard.
  • Lifescience Global editors are supposed to manage Competing interest issues according to COPE’s directives, details of which may be found at, https://publicationethics.org/sites/default/files/u7140/Discussion_document__on_handling_competing_interests.pdf

Reviewers' Ethical Responsibilities:

  • Reviewers of Lifescience Global journals are responsible to provide a timely, detailed, constructive, and unbiased evaluation of all manuscripts that they review.
  • They must include in their reports whether the manuscript’s writing is relevant, and appropriately concise but clear.
  • All reviewers must maintain the confidentiality of the complete review process.
  • Reviewers should immediately notify the handling editor of the manuscript about any financial or personal conflict of interest. They may decline to review the manuscript where such a conflict exists.
  • Reviewers should pay attention to ethical concerns while reviewing the. In case of suspected unethical publishing practices, such as any ethical violation of participants of the study, or any considerable similarity between a previously published article and the reviewed manuscript should be immediately reported to the concerned editor.

All reviewers are instructed to follow COPE guidelines which may be further viewed at https://publicationethics.org/sites/default/files/ethical-guidelines-peer-reviewers-cope.pdf

Authors' Ethical Responsibilities:

  • Authors have the responsibility of ensuring that all works in the manuscript are original and free from any kind of plagiarism.
  • The work should not have been published elsewhere (including in any other language) or submitted to any other journal(s) at the time of submission to Lifescience Global.
  • Any possible conflict of interest needs to be acknowledged.
  • Proper acknowledgments to others’ work must be provided (of any individual, company, or institution).If some content of the article has been used from other sources, adequate permission must be obtained and clearly mentioned in the article.
  • Only those who have made any substantial contribution to the presentation or organization of the submitted work should be listed as 'Authors.' At the same time, other contributors should be acknowledged. At least one of the authors should be designated as the corresponding author.
  • If authors detect some significant error in their published manuscript by Lifescience Global journal’, it is their responsibility to immediately contact the journals team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The assigned editor will then handle the authors’ concerns and resolve the issue.

Publisher's Ethical Responsibilities:

Lifescience Global is dedicated to work with journal editors, defining clearly their relevant roles to ensure appropriate decisions regarding publication procedures and maintaining the transparency of editorial decisions.

Lifescience Global ensures the integrity, autonomy, and originality of each published article concerning:

  • Publication ethics and honesty
  • Conflict of interests
  • Confidentiality
  • Article modifications
  • Timely publication of content
Guidelines for Reviewers

Manuscripts submitted for publication in Lifescience Global journals are subject to double-blind peer-review. Double-blind reviewing protects the identity of the author and the reviewers by not disclosing their names.

Reviewers are advised to consider the following while managing the review.

Before reviewing an article, make sure that:

• The article you are asked to review and evaluate lies within your area of expertise.
• You have time to complete the peer review process within 2 weeks. If more time is needed, you are supposed to inform the respective editors.
• You have no conflict of interest with the authors or the content of the article. In case there is, you must disclose these to the respective editors.

Below mentioned some guidelines will help you in your evaluation of the manuscript:

• Analyze the article based on the validity and quality of the content. The literature and presentation of the article should also be up to the journal’s policies and standards.
• The title should be appropriate to the contents of the article.
• Make sure that the abstract, introduction, methodology, results and conclusions have been adequately and appropriately dealt by the authors. The data present in the article should be relevant, accurate and clearly elaborated.
• Ensure that enough information is present for the study to be replicated.
• The data analyses should fully support the conclusion of the article. If they do not, the reviewers should explicitly ask for other required evidences and information.
• Special attention should be given to the type of data collected should be given special attention. The statistics and illustrations e.g., figures, graphs, pictures and tables etc should be easily interpreted, authentic and reliable.
• Reviewers may find further guidance by viewing https://publicationethics.org/sites/default/files/considerations-for-peer-review-cope-flowchart.pdf


Reviewers are required to provide advice essentially on the following points in their review reports:

• Is the manuscript written comprehensively sufficient to be understandable? If not, how could it be improved?
• Have adequate proofs been given for the declarations?
• Have the authors addressed the previous findings moderately?
• Does the paper offer enough details of its methodology to reflect the research?
• Lifescience Global supports authors to publish detailed protocols as supporting knowledge online. Do any distinct techniques used in the manuscript warrant such a protocol?

Reviewers Should be Aware of the Following:

The final decision, regarding the publication of the article is always taken by the editor.

Reviewers must provide detailed comments in their review form so that the authors can understand the reasons for either not accepting their article or sending it back for revision. Detailed comments also make it easier for the editor to take his/her final decision.

Reviewers should abstain from sharing details of the articles with the third parties and permission must be sought from the respective editors if an external referee’s expertise are required for reviewing process.

The reviewers should respect the given deadlines and they may be reminded by our publishing department about their time limit since a prompt review leads to a timely publication.

If the article is not ethically correct or plagiarism is detected, the reviewers should notify the editors immediately.
Lifescience Global follows the double-blind peer-review policy for all articles/ scholarly work submitted to its journals. This kind of peer-review does not reveal the identities of authors and the reviewers to each other. The policy is adopted to maximize the unbiased peer review.

All submitted articles are subject to an extensive peer-review in consultation with the Journal's Editorial Board members and independent external referees. All manuscripts are evaluated on the basis of their intellectual quality, with in a structured time frame (usually 6 weeks from the date of submission), and the final decision taken by the Journal's Editor-in-Chief, based on the peer-reviewers' reports, is then communicated to the author(s). Reviewers are selected by the handling editors on the basis of their field expertise and practical relevance to the content of the articles to be reviewed by them.

Submissions from the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board Members are no exceptions from our peer review policy. However, external reviewers and decision making bodies are consulted to evaluate their articles and any conflict of interest is thereby excluded.

Peer review process:

All articles right after their submission go through an initial evaluation by a editorial board member (in case of submission from a member of the board an external expert of the field is contacted to perform this task). This handling editor decides about whether the article qualifies for a peer review or is to be returned to the author/declined based on the unsuitability/incompleteness of the article. Editorials or letters, however, may be accepted by the handling editor at this stage. This initial review is planned to be completed within 1 week of submission.

All submissions eligible for peer review process will be forwarded to at least 2 peer reviewers based on their relevance and expertise in the field which the manuscript talks about. These reviewers may be a member of the internal board of the journal or an external referee and a double blind review policy is adopted in which authors and reviewers are kept unknown to each other. This policy helps Lifescience Global keep its review process unbiased to the maximum. However, articles which are self-revealing (e.g., authors giving references to their prior publication) may turn to have a single-blinded review (here reviewer will remain unknown to the author) and the it is the ethical responsibility of reviewers to inform the handling editor if he/she finds some conflict of interest.

Usually peer review takes 4 weeks however, sometime a period of 6 weeks is acceptable owing to some justifiable reason. Based on the reviewers’ reports the handling editor/ EIC/ external editor, appropriately, will decide about acceptance/ revision by the authors/rejection of the article.

Revised articles from authors will be reviewed by the handling editor who may accept these or consult the relevant reviewer for making a decision of acceptance/ rejection/ further revision(maximum 2 rounds of revision may be allowed).

Editors of Lifescience Global journals are allowed to submit their own articles in their journals however, no board member will be involved in the evaluation of their articles and no comments will be shared. These submission are dealt and evaluated by external field experts and reviewers at all stages of publication. The Editor-in-Chief of the journal is responsible for final acceptance/ rejection of these articles on the basis of external reviewers’ reports but, a third party expert opinion is also sought in this regard, as appropriate.

The Guest Editors of special issue focusing on a particular topic, may perform the duties of peer reviewing of some related submissions to his/her special issue which have qualified the initial round of review. However, special consideration is given to avoid any conflict of interest in these circumstances.

The use of electronic submission and peer-review system of Lifescience Global facilitates editors and reviewers during peer review process.

All published papers in subscription-based journals can be made available for free viewing (OPEN ACCESS) after one year of publication. 


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